National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October

. National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, a time to bring awareness to substance abuse and how the cycle of use begins. In an effort for young individuals to recognize the signs before the cycle starts, National Substance Abuse Prevention Month aims to slow, and eventually stop, […]

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Red Ribbon Week

What is Red Ribbon Week? Red Ribbon Week is October 23-31, a time to get involved in the fight against drugs and bullying. This week-long campaign is celebrated in schools nationwide and provides an opportunity for parents, students, and concerned individuals to take a stand against the violence and drug dependency that can wreak havoc […]

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5 Underlying Reasons for Addiction

What Are 5 Underlying Reasons for Addiction? Addiction always stems from a root cause, also known as one of the reasons for addiction. It is extremely important to treat both the root cause of the addiction in addition to the physical addiction itself. Staying sober involves much more than just detoxing from drugs or alcohol […]

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Please Don’t Try to Rescue Me

Please Don’t Try to Rescue Me I am going to take a break from my regular blog posts about the latest research and developments in addiction treatment to write about something personal. If you have read the book, “Ending Addiction for Good,” a book that quickly became a #1 Amazon bestseller, you know that I […]

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Methadone Abuse in Children

Methadone Abuse in Children Research results suggest that the risks of children being given or accidentally ingesting dangerous narcotic drugs may be more common than many people know. The U.K. charity Adfam claims that in the last five years there were 17 cases where a child died from abuse or neglect that involved opioid drug […]

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