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“What, exactly, happens in an intervention?” This is a question we are often asked by parents, spouses, children, other family members, and friends who call to inquire about addiction treatment for a loved one. They may have seen television shows about interventions or heard horror stories about interventions gone awry. People who ask this question desperately want help for their loved one and don’t know how to go about finding a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program for them. We can help.

Loving an Addict into Treatment

Let’s be completely honest. Addicts are not always the most pleasant people to be around. While you might have much reason to love the one in your life, you also recognize that they can lie, manipulate, steal, or even become abusive when they are using. They can be even worse when you suggest that they have a problem. This is part of addiction. Addicts undergo a personality change when they use. We use the intervention to speak to that part of the addict that is still the person you know and love. We “love” addicts into treatment.

We believe that interventions should be held in such a way that the addict is made completely comfortable. We try not to have our interventions in remote locations such as at hotels. Rather, we prefer to gather the addict’s family and friends in the home or another place where he will feel safe. The safer the addict feels, the more likely he is to let down his guard enough to listen to what is being said in the intervention. Our goal is that by helping the addict feel safe, we can help him choose a safe environment for recovery – a treatment facility that can meet all of his individual needs.

Next, under the guidance of someone with vast experience conducting interventions, we help the addict to understand that his loved ones can see that he is in pain.  Addiction develops out of an inability to cope with pain: physical, mental, or spiritual. When that pain is acknowledged by those the addict cares about, a door of willingness often opens – and the addict can be talked into going to treatment.

The role of the intervention leader is not only to support the family and help the addict physically get to the treatment center, but also to tell the addict what to expect in treatment. In the case of Cliffside Malibu, we underscore for the addict that he will be in a safe, luxurious environment where he will be completely cared for. We have some of the industry’s leading professionals on staff who will help to make the addict’s detox as safe and comfortable as possible. After that, the addict will be supported through the process of overcoming the issues that caused his addiction to develop in the first place. All treatment that the addict will receive will be holistic, integrative, and highly individualized. He will be loved and supported in treatment as much as he is being loved and supported in the intervention. Not only does this method of intervention get people into treatment, but it helps them stay.

Scheduling an Intervention for Your Loved One

An intervention can be a vital part of the addiction treatment process. In fact, it can be the very beginning of recovery for the addict you love. To learn more about interventions, to find out if an intervention is appropriate to your situation, or to schedule an intervention for the person you love, please call us at 800-501-1988.  An intake specialist is waiting for your call.