What’s Life Really Like Inside a Malibu Rehab?

Cliffside Malibu rehab center
Getting clean and sober is a process that takes commitment and support. For this reason, many people struggling with addiction choose to undergo treatment in a residential facility. Spending time at an inpatient rehab is a very effective way to begin recovering from addiction for a number of reasons. It allows recovering addicts to be free from stressors and triggers that may have been leading them to use. It also provides around-the-clock support from a professional medical and counseling staff, a resource that’s crucial for individuals in the initial stages of sobriety. Because checking into an inpatient rehab means temporarily living on-site, it’s natural that one would want to choose a location that’s scenically beautiful. To that end, there are few places as peaceful and pleasant to begin one’s recovery journey as Malibu, California, where a plethora of luxury rehabs are scatted along the infamous Pacific Coast Highway.

You’ve no doubt her about Malibu’s bustling rehab scene but you may be wondering, what exactly do people do inside the sanctimonious confines of a Malibu rehab? Because Malibu rests on the picturesque, clear-skied, sunny coast of Southern California, many of the therapeutic activities at its rehabs revolve around spending time outdoors. Individuals who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction turn to the iconic beach town’s luxurious facilities, like the well-reputed Cliffside Malibu, for example, because, in addition to personalized psychotherapy and group therapy, they can also take advantage of yoga, meditation near the beach, walks along the water, equine therapy, and just simple reflection as they enjoy the breathtaking coastal views.

At rehab, clients enjoy access to a wide variety of therapeutic modalities in both group and individual settings. The type and extent of therapies depends on the specific needs of each resident. Different people respond differently to each type of therapy, and the Malibu Model of rehab understands this.

The Malibu Model of rehab is based on the idea that each person struggling with addiction has his or her own unique set of needs. No two people enter rehab under the exact same circumstances and conditions, so it doesn’t make sense to treat every client with the exact same treatment plan. The Malibu Model of rehab is also based on the idea that a recovering addict is much more comfortable in a treatment situation that is serene and inviting. Affluent clients and busy professionals often find that they are more successful in a treatment facility that closely reflects the type of lifestyle they’re accustomed to at home. The philosophy behind making Malibu rehab more inviting is that clients are more likely to fully complete the treatment necessary to return to their regular lives safe and sober.

An important aspect of the rehab experience is fully immersing oneself in the world of recovery and healing. It is also absolutely vital, and this might seem obvious, that no one involved in a rehab program be exposed to drugs or alcohol. To guarantee this, clients who are enrolled in inpatient treatment usually may not leave the rehab unsupervised. Many facilities have 12-step meetings onsite, but the ones that do not generally offer supervised transport to and from local meetings. Similarly, if a client has an urgent personal emergency that requires leaving the rehab, the staff often offers supervised support.

Rehab is a time and place for major growth and reflection. Although working through the issues surrounding addiction is no doubt a challenging process, the time period during which one makes the transition into a happy, balanced, and sober person is a very positive and constructive one. Rehab is designed to be an environment where recovering addicts can discover their true selves, and as such can expect many opportunities for both peace and growth.

At a treatment facility such as the aforementioned Cliffside Malibu, clients engage in a number of holistic activities designed to help strengthen the all-important mind/body connection, a game-changing factor in starting to work toward total health. Yoga is a very popular activity at Malibu rehabs. Yoga has become increasingly popular across the country, due to its propensity to help practitioners find increased balance and patience in their lives. Yoga is at once a calming and challenging activity. It helps one to become more aware of the current state of their body and minds but also provides an opportunity to train one’s mind to stay calm in the middle of an uncomfortable situation, a highly invaluable skill both during and after formalized treatment when someone is learning to deal with triggers in a safe way.

Another popular, holistic activity at Malibu rehabs is equine therapy, in which clients work with horses to help get better. By riding and taking care of horses, residents learn skills like mindfulness and staying in the moment. Taking care of another living creature also helps recovering addicts to learn the value of their own selves, and the importance of things like consistency and self-respect.

Because recovering from drug addiction is an intense process that involves mind, body, and spirit, a Malibu-style holistic approach to rehab also generally includes very healthy, unprocessed food. California is known for its gorgeous, lush produce, and the rehabs in Malibu take full advantage of local nature’s bounty. Eating healthy, organic food helps the body return to a balanced state, and Malibu rehabs often serve meals that keep an eye to revitalizing and invigorating clients. Maintaining a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins and devoid of processed foods is a wonderful step in achieving total health, and helps clients who are used to enjoying these foods feel more at home as they seek treatment. There is another added bonus to treatment at a top-notch facility where good nutrition is a key component of programming—restrictions such as veganism, gluten intolerance, or kosher diets can almost always be accommodated.

Addiction is a heartbreaking and dangerous disease, but recovery is within reach. A beautiful and inspiring setting, in tandem with some of the most prestigious counselors, medical staff, and other professionals in their field, is the recipe for success. When you’re struggling with addiction and alcoholism, it is easy to feel hopeless and lost, but even just taking the step of picking up the phone and talking to a professional at the right rehab can show you that new hope is always on the horizon.

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