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Eating Disorder Treatment

People often develop an eating disorder by simply dieting. They often believe that if they lose weight they will gain self confidence and feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, that is not what happens. In order to become the person that you are dreaming of being it will require a lot of hard work; you will have to have achievements and successful problem solving skills. There are no short cuts on this road and becoming the kind of person that you dream of being does not happen by being unhealthy. What will happen instead is poor health, severed relationships, being depressed, obsessed, anxious, guilty, and self-loathing. There surely are very many beautiful human beings in this world but what is on the outside is really what is the least important. In order to be successful and filled with confidence you must make a lasting impact on people you meet. You must make a strong physical presence. Be intelligent, funny, and filled with life. Be reliable, confident, strong, and competent. Respect yourself and in turn you will be respected. These are the tools that we will provide you with in our Eating Disorder Treatments, this is our goal. When you have an eating disorder you need to reach out for Eating Disorder Treatment as soon as possible. Here you will be taught how to live healthy and peacefully with yourself and with food. Only qualified health professionals that have experience in eating disorders will be part of your treatment plan.

Most of the time, inpatient treatment programs are used as a last resort, but people with eating disorders need to be treated on an inpatient basis. This is the first line approach for treatment in most cases and works even better in the beginning. Most eating disorders do not require hospitalization unless you are unstable medically or show signs of being suicidal. While hospitalization may not be required most people with eating disorders do require constant supervision and extensive treatment. We are here to help you, our hands are extended, and won’t you please reach out? Call Cliffside Malibu at (424) 320-3061.

Eating Disorder Treatment Explained

Even some of the most self abuse does not constitute hospitalization. Most insurance will not pay for it anyways. Eating disorders can be so addictive that the chances of stopping them with outpatient treatment are nearly impossible. This is why Eating Disorder Treatment is such a great alternative. Most Eating Disorder Treatments take place on an inpatient basis. Some people like to attempt outpatient treatment first but the problem with that is that it is often insufficient or the severity of your eating disorder may be too advanced for outpatient facilities to accommodate it, you might need a more structured and intense program, and also outpatient therapy can cost a lot of money and many patients require repeated hospitalizations.

Residential treatment offers clinical care around the clock in an environment that is much more relaxed. It is much more affordable and you are not in a hospital setting. You will never get short changed on help while we are treating you nor will your level of care ever be compromised at any time. It is very important to check out a number of places before you make concrete plans but we are confident that you will return to us because we are the best and we can offer you the best care possible.

Getting the Help You Need

Some people will opt for Eating Disorder Treatment right away and other people will spend time at an inpatient facility first. For eating disorders, residential treatment is growing greatly and becoming much more popular as a way to deal with this kind of illness. Not only is the cost very attractive but the level of care and treatment is second to none. Residents are involved in all areas of cooking, planning the meals, shopping, and other household duties that are required of daily living. No hospital can offer this form of treatment but it is so necessary if you are going to return home and be a successful member to society. While you are a resident you will have supervision along with treatment while monitoring your progress.

Eating Disorder Treatments are specifically designed for restoring and stabilizing habits for healthy eating. You will see your therapist regularly as well as a dietician and the psychiatrist. You will be involved in group therapy and staff is available round the clock. This is a very beautiful, successful, and comfortable treatment center. Come and join us so we can help you.

Treatment Made Easier

Eating disorders are on the rise and have actually grown to epidemic proportions. Treatment has not been successful in keeping up with the illness and as a result a good portion of the people that have an active eating disorder will die from it. Yes, the symptoms of the illness must be addressed but it is so much more than that, the underlying issues need to be taken care of for any treatment to work successfully. This is going to be challenging because you are now going to learn how to cope with life while not relying on food and manipulating your weight as a way of dealing with problems. You will learn new coping skills.

As part of our Eating Disorder Treatment we have developed a state of the art program that is working by encompassing all of the essential components that are part of successful treating of eating disorders. This is why we want to help you return to a normal life.

Treatment Advice

Our Eating Disorder Treatment offers a well executed approach in the treatment of eating disorders. We encourage you to be active in your own recovery. You should expect the treatment that we provide to be collaborative, interactive, and personal. We pride ourselves on working with people just like you so that you can make positive changes in your life and in your relationships. Here you will find a counselor, a treatment team and a physician that you trust. This is an important part of the recovery process.

For additional information on the effective Eating Disorder Treatment at Cliffside Malibu, please visit our main Eating Disorders page.


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