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Eating Disorder Center

If you have developed an eating disorder you need to reach out for help at the Eating Disorder Center as soon as possible. Here you can be given the skills on how to live and eat healthy. You also must learn to live peacefully with yourself. Qualified professionals that have expertise in eating disorders will be part of the team in your treatment program. This would likely be a combination of health professionals, nutritionists, and a psychologist. Our residential programs specialize in long term placement and expert treatment for people, just like you, that have eating disorders. Every person will have their own personal needs but we do understand how important it is for you to work with a team of health care professionals that you trust. While you are in treatment at our facility you will be receive a structured living environment where you will have access to clinical support constantly. Eating Disorder Center also caters to situations that involve life-threatening situations. At an Eating Disorder Center you will be admitted on an inpatient basis. Often people with eating disorders try outpatient treatment first but soon discover that is that it is often not enough or your eating disorder may be too advanced for outpatient treatments to handle. Most will need a more intense regimen.

For most addictions and compulsive behaviors, inpatient treatment programs are the final stage of treatment. It is slightly different with eating disorders. Inpatient treatment is a first line approach for treatment. In most cases it works even better in the beginning stages. Most eating disorders do not require hospitalization, at least on a long term basis unless you are medically impaired or indicate that you may hurt yourself or others. While hospitalization is not the standard treatment, most with eating disorders may require constant supervision and extensive treatment, just like any drug or alcohol treatment programWe are here to help you, our hands are extended, and won’t you please reach out? Call Cliffside Malibu at (424) 320-3061.

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Finding The Right Eating Disorder Center

Only is a positive and nurturing environment will you be able to thrive and meet your own expectations. While you are with us you will learn the fundamentals of living such as focusing and how to make decisions. Until now you have not had the ability to make the best decisions regarding your life but that can change with some effort, direction, and guidance. Life is very complicated and challenging and we will help you use the right tools to manage your life efficiently. Each resident will offer residents with peer support which is a very important tool used for being successful during this time. You will find a multitude of personalities in a Eating Disorder Center but each resident is committed to the same goal. You will remain in the Eating Disorder and addiction treatment center for as long as it takes you to get solidly grounded.

An Eating Disorder Center is also a way for you to work on the relationships between you and your friends and family. These people want you to come home healthy because they love you, but you have broken their trust. You will soon see that friends and family are very forgiving and we will show you how to heal these broken relationships while gaining back their trust. This is the way that you can begin laying the stepping stones for your future independence.

Getting the Help You Need

An Eating Disorder Center plays the second most important role in your treatment and recovery process. You play the star role. We have worked very hard at creating an environment that supports both your physical and mental needs. While you are in our center, you are encouraged to organize and participate in self-help meetings and other group meetings that help you to advance. The best drug and alcohol rehab will realize the importance of dual diagnosis and treat all aspects of the diseases.

Eating Disorder living is designed to assist you in making a transition from residential treatment and allowing you to slowly move back into a daily life. Most of you are fully aware that if you were to return home to your old environments where you abused your body, it would be very stressful and you are not yet fully armored to fully fight off the triggers. This is what makes structured living so important because it will help you to make a smooth transition back into society while also helping you maintain your optimum health.

Living in an Eating Disorder Center

An Eating Disorder Center can be much different than the next but you should expect some very common similarities such as while you are a resident you will live in a place that offers health and nutrition wellness, you will reinforce your recovery through channels of giving and receiving from other residents that are also healing. You will have the freedom to pursue any activities that directly support your recovery.

An Eating Disorder Center provides residents with a comfortable environment where you will be able to heal physically and emotionally. Eating Disorder and drug rehabs offer affordable housing and recovery support. Sober living homes are a key source of recovery for you if you are struggling with an eating disorder. If you are able to physically care for yourself and are willing to take charge of your recovery program then give yourself the very best gift possible.

Eating Disorder Center Facts

An Eating Disorder Center is designed to offer you a healthy and safe environment for your recovery. The transition into a healthy and safe life is extremely difficult and challenging. Even if you have stopped the actual harm to your body by no longer inducing vomiting, abusing laxatives, bingeing and purging, etc., you still must learn how to make the changes that are needed for you to live a healthy life successfully. An Eating Disorder Center will provide structured living to help support a smooth transition. Meetings that are held on a daily basis and personalized recovery programs will offer you the clean break that you have been seeking.


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