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Anorexia Bulimia

Eating disorders such as Anorexia or Bulimia can be a variety of things but they are always extreme. They are extreme eating behaviors that are marked by overeating (Binging and purging) also known as Bulimia or an extreme lack of food intake to the point of starvation which is known as Anorexia. There is usually always an extreme obsession or a panic about the body such as how much you weigh and what your shape is. It is a compulsion that is thought about constantly. Does this sound like you? Do you starve yourself because when you look in the mirror you see a fat person? Does the thought of eating something make you panic to where you get physically ill? Do you binge excessively and are you out of control? Do you eat everything in sight until you can not eat any more only to vomit afterwards? Do you ever chew the food just so you can taste it but never ever swallow it? Do you hide any of these things from friends and family? Do you take drugs to help cope? These are some of the indicators that you likely have Anorexia or Bulimia.

The understanding of these diseases remains a mystery. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa appear as exact opposites but both are equally as deadly. These are often combination eating disorders or can include variations and possibly even a drug addictionIf any of this sounds like you please seek help immediately. Call Cliffside Malibu at (424) 320-3061.

Anorexia Bulimia Explained

The difference between Anorexia and Bulimia is that those with Anorexia will starve themselves and exercise consistently no matter what, even if you are sick. Those with Bulimia will gorge themselves full of food but will force themselves to vomit shortly after and may also take water pills and abuse laxatives. This is an attempt to not gain weight from the food that was consumed. Most people that have an eating disorder do not have any friends. Have you noticed this about yourself? Is it the case that rather than hang out with your friends you have to rush home to exercise, even though you may have not eaten a bite of food in over 24 hours?

Do you binge on junk food in secret? No matter how hard you might fight the urge to do it do you feel helpless? Do you fill yourself with so much food that you just can not eat another bite and then force yourself to vomit until your stomach is empty again? Do you hide in secret and vomit and maybe even hide the vomit until you can get rid of it without being detected? Do you feel a sense of comfort and guilt both at the same time from this behavior? Very often, if left untreated, eating disorders will result in death. Addiction recovery can save you from the worst possible outcome.

Symptoms & Pain

Do you feel emotionally raped because no matter how hard you try you can not stop obsessing about your weight? We understand that because of your illness, it is likely impossible for you to concentrate on anything other than it. Do you also find that you have alienated yourself from outside activities that are fun because you have to partake in a certain regimen that has become part of your daily functions due to your eating disorder?

There are many factors that can be responsible for your reason to begin extreme dieting that has lead to a very dangerous eating disorder. We do know that these eating disorders are really not about food but are at the root of something much deeper. While you are pursuing being very thin or seeking the comfort of food, you are desperately seeking something else, maybe approval or acceptance. Asking for help is also very hard to do but getting the right help is the only thing that will save your life.

Find the Help You Need

You likely spend most of your time and mental energy planning your diet and exercise regimen while you attempt to find better ways to conceal your secret and ways to avoid eating. Maybe you spend a lot of time planning your next eating binge and spend a lot of money on buying the foods that you will engorge in only to purge them up when you are finished eating them. Because of your eating disorder you likely have found that you are extremely isolated and constantly on guard.

Inpatient treatment for eating disorders in as unrestrictive as possible while still ensuring your safety. You might even think that no one knows what is going on but the truth is that they really do. It may have taken them a bit longer in some cases to catch on, but they know, everyone knows and it is time that you accept help before it is too late. Any other psychiatric problems that you might have will also be addressed while you are in treatment, like substance abuse.

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Anorexia Bulimia Assistance

You do not have to suffer in silence any longer from your illness. Your sickness is killing you both physically and emotionally. You must get help immediately! You can fully recover from this illness if you do something about it and seek help before it becomes chronic and life threatening. Psychological counseling and psychotherapy will address both the eating disorder and the forces that contribute to it.

As with all co-occurring disorders, Cliffside Malibu treats eating disorders as a co-occurring disorder with drug and or alcohol abuse.


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