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Alcoholism Rehab Treatment

Any alcoholism rehab treatment program is only as effective as the rehab center the addict attends. One of the most effective alcoholism rehab treatment programs is offered at Cliffside Malibu. At Cliffside Malibu, we have three different treatment group sessions per day Monday through Saturday. There is also a treatment group on Sunday as well. The afternoon hours on Sunday are kept open for visitation and outings, evenings are kept open as well for outings. There are twelve-step meetings, five times a week and there are also in-house meetings. Every Wednesday evening you will have an in-house meeting, not to mention you will have morning community meetings and evening wrap-ups. All of these meetings relate to the alcoholism rehab treatment; they are to help you realize that you can quit drinking. They are also to help you realize there are people out there that really do care about you.

One of the most important aspects of the alcoholism rehab treatment at Cliffside Malibu is the level of personal care the staff shows each and every person who attends Cliffside Malibu. That is why you should give us the opportunity to help you down the right road, so give us a call at Cliffside Malibu at (424) 320-3061.

The Alcoholism Rehab Treatment

The group sessions which are held at the Cliffside Malibu include the following path to recovery: a process, relapse prevention, twelve steps, an experimental group, a journaling group, and a life assessment group. These groups also consist of a recovery coaching group, an art therapy group, not to mention an equine therapy group and a spirituality group. The alcoholism rehab treatment known as the holistic treatment includes acupuncture and yoga along with meditation and massages. You will also have a personal fitness trainer and a nutritionist along with a gourmet chef.

At Cliffside Malibu all of the alcoholism rehab treatment programs are designed to pamper you into a good state of mind; a state of mind that you are able to do anything that you put your mind to. You can also get an individual therapy from the licensed psychologists that we have here at Cliffside Malibu. Cliffside Malibu also has marriage therapists and family therapists along with social workers. If you choose to get this form of alcoholism rehab treatment you will go three to five times a week and you will also be in a session with a recovery coach once a week as well.

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What to Know About Rehab Treatment

Cliffside Malibu also has a highly individualized family program that provides many different benefits. One of these benefits is where the alcoholism rehab treatment focuses on intensive family therapy for the actual client and the members of their family. This alcoholism rehab treatment also gives you education on addiction and the dual diagnoses not to mention goal setting and aftercare. If one of the alcohol treatment programs that you are taking includes therapeutic approaches you should know a couple of things. This type of alcoholism rehab treatment is known to be psychodynamic as well as insight orientated. This also covers cognitive-behavioral and family systems. There are also issues covered such as behavior modification and IS-TDP.

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At Cliffside Malibu, you are not going to be locked in a room. You are going to be able to take advantage of the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi. Not to mention that there are amazing mountain views. You will have a multilevel home that is located in an exclusive as well as highly private location. There are private and shared bedrooms within the facility. Our luxury addiction rehab facility also has a gourmet chef that has a broad menu of items that he will cook for you so that you are able to meet all of your dietary needs. You will also have luxury appointments throughout the home as well.

Rehab Treatment Levels

If you want to know the levels of your alcoholism rehab treatment, you don’t have to look any further. Here at Cliffside Malibu, you will have the primary alcoholism rehab treatment which is where you participate in all of the different aspects that are associated with the treatment schedule. This schedule includes seeing a therapist as well as doctors and a recovery coach. There is also a level of the alcoholism rehab treatment known as extended care, which is actually a level down from the one above and has a little less structure. This type of program is individualized and is done with the client’s therapist. The reason that it is done with the client’s therapist is so that they are able to provide an appropriate balance of the groups. If a client has a car and they are under this particular phase of the alcoholism rehab treatment they may be able to go out on a pass with a family member. The client will also be able to have friends and family members attend activities and meetings as well at Cliffside Malibu if this is where you need to be in your life now.

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