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Are you suffering with addiction? Do you even know how to tell? For some, understanding that they’re a person with substance use disorder is easy. They might start using drugs or drinking when they wake up in the morning and not stop until they fall asleep or pass out at night. Judging someone like that as a person with substance use disorder is an easy call. For some others, it’s not so easy. You might not use drugs every day. In fact, you might go several days without using drugs. But if you’re thinking about drugs that entire time and looking forward to the next time you’ll use them, you’re most likely a person with substance use disorder.

You shouldn’t feel any shame in realizing that you have a person with substance use disorderion. This isn’t something you chose, or that you wanted. And it can happen to anyone. Some people who are addicted to prescription drugs, for instance, are just able to hide it because they get the drugs legally. That makes them no less a person with substance use disorder than someone who can’t get through a few days without using meth or heroin. If you’re a person with substance use disorder, call Cliffside Malibu so we can start the process of helping you break free. For more information about addiction call (424) 320-3061.

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You Don’t Have To Live In Addiction

Addiction cannot only steal your life, it can make you feel hopeless. When you’re using drugs, it’s easy to think that you may never see a day where you don’t need to use drugs. It’s a self-defeating problem. You only feel good when you’re using drugs, so imagining life without them is too painful. Or maybe you’ve reached the point where you only use drugs because you have to and it relieves the anxiety you feel when you can’t use. In that case, your addiction has progressed and it’s easy to feel like you simply have no control at all.

But you do have control, you’ve just lost your way a little. Cliffside Malibu can help you regain that control. Call us today so we can explain our luxury treatment program, and help you understand exactly what we can do for you.

Drug Addicts & Alcoholics

It’s not pleasant to think of yourself as a person with substance use disorder or an alcoholic. But if you have a person with substance use disorderion, that’s what you are. You don’t have to define yourself that way, though. And at Cliffside Malibu, we want to help you break out of the idea that you do.

Our luxury treatment facility in beautiful Malibu, California helps alcoholics and drug addicts alike. We also realize that depression is a common problem with these issues, and we can help you see your way out of that, too. You don’t have to let drugs or alcohol define your life or yourself anymore. Call us today and let us explain our luxury treatment options that can help you recover.


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