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Addiction Treatment

Are you suffering with addiction? Do you even know how to tell? For some, understanding that they’re a person with substance use disorder is easy. They might start using drugs or drinking when they wake up in the morning and not stop until they fall asleep or pass out at night. Judging someone like that as a person with substance use disorder is an easy call. For some others, it’s not so easy. You might not use drugs every day. In fact, you might go several days without using drugs. But if you’re thinking about drugs that entire time and looking forward to the next time you’ll use them, you’re most likely a person with substance use disorder.

It’s hard for addicts to see the light at the end of the road when their mind is so mired in darkness, but it is there. There is a light and you can get to it if you learn the right facts and seek the right help. Drug treatment is often seen as taboo in American society and isn’t talked about as honestly or openly as it should. It’s portrayed in the media as a nightmarish situation more like a horror movie than anything else. While it’s true that addiction recovery is often a genuinely unpleasant experience, and one that definitely can be terrifying, it’s also the best outcome one can find. The truth is that addiction treatment is absolutely necessary for overcoming addiction and its results are overwhelmingly more positive than they’re portrayed.

Perhaps you or someone you love has struggled with addiction for years. Maybe they believe they can quit on their own whenever they want to, or maybe they believe there’s nothing they can do to quit. In reality, neither belief is true. Anyone can quit with the right help, but no one can do it on their own. It requires you to confront your addiction for what it is, a clinical problem that you’re unable to solve on your own without professional treatment. That admission can be difficult for addicts to make, but the difference between admitting it or not could be the difference between life and death. If fear is holding you back, whether it’s fear of needing help or of what getting help might entail, fear not. The process may be rough, but it’s more than likely better than what you’ve imagined.

Individualized Addiction Treatment Program

The purpose of an addiction treatment program is to provide the necessary information and support to navigate the road to recovery with minimal stress and discomfort. It’s not an easy road, and there isn’t a magic drug or wonder cure that will work for everyone, but you can get through it. Because everyone faces their own obstacles, developing an individualized treatment program is really the best approach. That means you won’t be following any pre-made treatment plan like an assembly line. At Cliffside Malibu, we focus on the individual desires and issues that shape your addiction so we can work together to confront them effectively. Our success rate speaks for itself, but the burden is still on you to take the first step. 

Because our treatment plans vary to suit our patient’s needs, it can be difficult to answer what you should expect from your treatment initially. What we can tell you is that it will, and must, be a long uphill struggle. There is no easy way through the darkness and you can’t get healed without suffering at least a little throughout the process. That said, these programs are effective and they can save your life in addition to making life better for the ones who care about you. The good news is that with our program, you won’t need to suffer any more than is actually necessary to confront your addiction. Our facility not only strives to make things as gentle as possible, but to make it possible for you to enjoy your time here as well. Regardless of how your individualized treatment program is constructed, you can rely on us to provide expertly crafted care while being treated to our luxurious environment.

Addiction Therapy

One of the most important parts of any treatment program for addiction is addiction therapy. The mental and emotional aspects of addiction are some of the most difficult to navigate, and often the part that most addicts have trouble coming to grips with. Many people find it difficult to admit they have a problem at all, so opening up about the underlying issues that fuel their addictions can be especially challenging. Once you have admitted to yourself that you have a problem, you’ve really only taken the first step. There’s cause to celebrate this recognition, but to really change things for the better you really do need an addiction treatment program that offers the therapy and information you need to confront your addiction both psychologically and physiologically.

Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Rehab facilities of the past could be harsh and disparaging places. Fortunately, we’ve learned that a softer, but still effective, approach is best. At Cliffside Malibu, we’re not just another addiction recovery facility. We offer a private and luxurious space for you to rid yourself of your addictions as quickly as possible.

Enjoy our lush furnishings, beautifully landscaped grounds, beach access, and superb gardens. You’ll have access to high-quality nutritious food from our gourmet chef as well as personal fitness programs to keep your body healthy and mind focused on your treatment. You can watch movies on your own plasma screen TV, surf the web with our WIFI, visit the beach or the swimming pool to burn off some energy, or relax in your plush private accommodations. Unlike other facilities that may frown on social interaction, we allow our patients to maintain contact with friends and family members. We believe you should enjoy visits from loved ones that can offer the care and support you need. While beating addiction is never easy, doing it in luxury is absolutely worth the expense. Not only can you get the care you need to make a better life, you can also do it while enjoying yourself and making pleasant memories.

While you’re here, you’ll find that we look after your basic needs first. If you need to be detoxed, we’ll start there and work to make the process as painless as possible. Once your body is free of all addictive substances, we can move on to training your mind to overcome your cravings and make positive choices. Your individualized treatment plan will lay out the road for you to reach the light again. While you’re heading towards that goal, you’ll have all the comforts a luxury facility like ours can provide. 


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