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California Addiction Treatment

Going through California addiction treatment will be an experience. Some of this experience will be good and some of it will be bad. You have to prepare your mind and body, as much as you possibly can, for both sides of the California addiction treatment experience. We say it is an experience, because this is exactly what it is. Going through a California addiction treatment plan will drastically change your life, if you allow it. It is an experience because you will encounter different emotions, relive situations from your past, and be rebuilding your body and mind.

ou can experience California addiction treatment at Cliffside Malibu. We will help you prepare for the experience you are about to go through from the moment you pick up the phone and call Cliffside Malibu at (424) 320-3061. Our attentive staff members will be waiting on your phone call to answer any questions that you or your loved ones may have about Cliffside Malibu or the drug and alcohol treatment programs we offer. The way you prepare for the treatment experience is through becoming as informed as you can be. We will keep you informed at Cliffside Malibu, from the moment you call us until the moment you leave us as a productive member of society again.

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Preparing For Your Withdrawal Experience

Withdrawal is an unavoidable California addiction treatment experience because true healing and addiction recovery cannot begin until your substance is out of your system. The only time withdrawal/detox is unavoidable is if your addiction is an eating disorder. Then you have to go through the physical pain of dealing with either not purging or allowing your body to have food in it again. Still, detox is unavoidable because you cannot heal your mental addiction if you are still craving the substance physically. At Cliffside Malibu, we can help you prepare for this experience because we are fully capable of offering you a medically controlled detox.

Cliffside Malibu - Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The Next California Addiction Treatment Experience Is In Your Head

We realize that this next statement may seem a little odd but, when you think about it, it is true. The next California addiction treatment experience you will have to prepare for is in your head. This is true because your addiction does affect you mentally and emotionally. Addiction is not just a physical disease because if it were, detox is all anyone would ever need to be sober. Once your physical addiction is gone, you will have to deal with your mental and emotional addiction. Hence, we said, the next California addiction treatment experience you will have to prepare for is in your head. Even in the most luxurious alcohol and drug treatment centers you will be fighting your inner demons. You will long for you substance to ease the stress of facing your addiction.

The Sober Part Of Your Treatment

Once you have been through detox and the mental/emotional healing, you are ready to experience the sobriety that your California addiction treatment has led you to. However, this part of your experience may be the most intimidating, because it means you are almost ready to leave the center and face society once again. What you need to know is that effective California addiction treatment centers will give you just as much support during this experience as they have throughout your drug or alcohol abuse treatment.

At Cliffside Malibu, we will help you deal with this part of your California addiction treatment experience through offering you sober living and an individualized exit plan. Sober Living is a luxury house you live in with other sober patients as you slowly re-acclimate back into your life outside the center. Once you are outside of the center, living at home, we will have set up aftercare programs for you. This allows you to have the continued support you need as you adjust to living in real life again. Aftercare is the part of your California addiction treatment experience that will help keep you on your path of sobriety.

Cliffside Malibu - Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

You Have To Want Treatment

Before you can experience all the things we have discussed, you will have to want to experience the California addiction treatment. Although your addiction affects everyone you care about and love, it is still a personal disease that only you can overcome. If you are not ready or willing to let your addiction go, you will not truly experience addiction treatment, because you are not ready for sobriety. However, once you are completely ready, you can prepare yourself for this life changing experience and reach sobriety that can last for the rest of your life. Once you are ready to overcome these inner demons you can overcome your addiction and become a productive member of society again.

For additional information on the exclusive California addiction treatment programs at Cliffside Malibu, please visit our main Addiction Treatment page.


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