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Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction rehabilitation at Cliffside Malibu is unlike any other program out there. And you’re not like anyone else out there. So let our personalized programs help you overcome the things that are holding you back. Addiction rehabilitation might seem like something scary. Maybe you’ve thought about it many times and decided to put off making that phone call. That’s a common pattern-some people keep putting it off for years, and sadly some people never do call and get help. They keep telling themselves that they don’t have a problem, and that even if they do they can handle it on their own.

But for those who do pick up the phone and call, addiction rehabilitation can make the different between difficulties in life and being able to deal with what life throws at them. Why struggle through every day either fighting or giving in to your addiction? Why struggle when you can call an alcohol and drug rehab center and get started on your addiction rehabilitation today? An individualized treatment program will be created just for you, so that you can overcome your addiction on your own terms.

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Addiction Rehabilitation In Malibu

Cliffside Malibu in Malibu, California, is one of the most beautiful drug and alcohol treatment facilities in California, and even in the whole United States. Your comfort during addiction rehabilitation was thought of at every turn, so you could feel comfortable and relaxed in these peaceful surroundings. The facility was designed to be beautiful and more like a luxury hotel than a treatment hospital. Yet we didn’t sacrifice quality for aesthetics, either. Though your addiction rehab here might feel more like a luxury hotel vacation than time spent in a hospital, you’ll still get top quality treatment designed toward getting you free of your addiction.

Cliffside Malibu drug and alcohol rehabilitation isn’t just different because the surroundings are beautiful. It’s different because the treatment is personalized. And you have the comforts of home and extra comforts at your fingertips, too. You can have a private room or a semi-private room if you wish. The bedrooms are designed to be the perfect place to get a great night’s sleep. The private bathrooms are sparkling and luxurious. And the large, shared living room and dining room have windows that offer a spacious ocean view.

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Overcome Your Addiction

We understand that your addiction rehab doesn’t end when you leave the treatment program. Though completing the program gives you a much better chance of overcoming your addiction, the first few days, weeks and months beyond your stay will be filled with struggles, too. At Cliffside Malibu, we’re dedicated to helping you move forward with your life even after you walk out of our doors. Our addiction rehabilitation program comes complete with an aftercare program so that you can come back and talk to use about the temptations you’re facing. We can then help you find ways to cope with temptation without giving in to it.

Since you’re considering addiction rehabilitation, you probably already understand that your addiction just hasn’t affected you. Your addiction has no doubt affected the lives of those who love you, like your family. We offer services for your family that include counseling. If they feel the need to talk about their feelings about your addiction and recovery, we’re there for them. And even if they feel like they don’t need the counseling, we can simply help them understand a bit more about what your life is like now after your Addiction Recovery. They love you, so they’re on your side. And we can help them understand how to help you when you need them.

Individualized Addiction Rehabilitation

No one drinks exactly like you do, or no one uses drugs in exactly the same way you do. Everyone abuses these substances according to their own lives and problems. So no one addiction rehabilitation program is going to work for every addicted person. But many facilities use the same program for every person who comes there. And then they can’t understand why so many of their past clients are still struggling after their addiction rehabilitation.

At Cliffside Malibu, we’ll create an individualized plan of treatment that can be changed as your needs and desires change. You’re not locked into one method of substance abuse rehabilitation. Your plan can be adapted as you change and grow. This makes it the best addiction rehabilitation for you, because it’s truly yours. It changes to fit you and not the other way around.

A Life Free from Addiction

For many people, addiction rehabilitation is the only answer. Quitting on your own is so difficult, because you’re lacking a more formal support system like you would get in a rehabilitation facility. Alcoholism and drug addiction are conditions that suck the quality out of your life, and can end up with you alienated from family and friends. It’s easy to hurt the people you love when you’re suffering with a person with substance use disorderion. But addiction rehab can change all that. We’ll get at the heart of why you drink or use drugs, with each day of your treatment adding yet another day of sobriety to your life. With each day without alcohol or drugs, you’ll feel a little stronger and better able to face that next day without them. At Cliffside Malibu, you can overcome your addiction.

For additional information on Addiction Rehabilitation at Cliffside Malibu, please visit our main Addiction Treatment page.


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