June 6, 2019

What is SMART Recovery?

Understanding SMART Recovery SMART Recovery is an acronym that stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training.” According to the SMART Recovery website, the purpose of SMART Recovery is to “support individuals who have chosen to abstain, or are considering abstinence from any type of addictive behaviors (substances or activities), by teaching how to change self-defeating thinking, […]

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May 16, 2019

SMART Recovery vs 12 Step

What is the difference between SMART Recovery vs 12 Step? If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and have made the decision to get help, choosing the right program can be difficult. There are so many options available as far as treatment centers, residential rehab, outpatient rehab, whether to go out of […]

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May 8, 2019

How to Get My Loved One Into Rehab

Do You Need to Get a Loved One Into Rehab? Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be one of the most painful things in the world. Addiction can take hold and completely spin someone’s life upside down, often taking family and loved ones along with it. One of the biggest difficulties of addiction […]

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April 26, 2013

The Importance of Aftercare to Prevent Relapse

For any addiction treatment center worth their salt, preventing relapse is as much a priority in treating clients as is any other part of an addict’s recovery. Statistics about relapse are estimates at best, and different treatment protocols claim different percentages.  What is clear from almost every treatment program is that recovery rates are extremely […]

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