The Truth About Over The Counter Medication Abuse

  The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has recently begun an educational campaign for young people, to teach them about the myths associated with many common prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The truth is most teens and young adults do not know as much as they think they do about the commonly used […]

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Pharmaceutical Abuse Outpacing Street Drugs Among UK’s Addicts

More people are addicted to pharmaceutical painkillers and tranquillizers and over-the-counter drugs than to illegal drugs in the United Kingdom (UK), according to Homes Affair Select Committee report published in December 2013. Politicians in the UK want doctors to better record cases and are concerned with patients visiting multiple doctors to feed their addictions. Health […]

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Rise in Addictions to a New Drug Cocktail

Drug abuse experts in Ireland are shocked at the rise of a new drug cocktail being used by addicts. The cocktail contains a combination of alcohol, cocaine and benzodiazepine pills. Chief executive of Coolmine, one of the country’s largest treatment centers, Pauline McKeown said: “There has been a dramatic rise in addiction to this cocktail, […]

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San Diego State University Health Officials React to Increased Opiates Drug Use

Formal studies and reports have caused San Diego State’s health officials to do some informal email surveys to see how their students compare to other universities and to their local community with regard to drug use. They were not surprised to find that  use of opiates is on the rise among their students and has […]

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No Improvements in Prescription Painkillers After Ten Years of Rising Opioid Prescriptions and Use

Prescription painkillers cause almost 75% of all drug overdose deaths. That is staggering. In 2008 there were 14,800 deaths reported due to prescription painkiller overdose. That was more than deaths by cocaine and heroin overdose combined. Yet despite the increase in opioid prescriptions, doctors aren’t any better at treating pain. “There is an epidemic of […]

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Drug Use Declines Among Youth, But Rises Among Those 50 And Older: Why?

Released for National Recovery Month in September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shared its latest findings on the rate of drug abuse among teens and older adults. Tracking not only the age brackets, but also the types of illegal drugs used, researchers found that drug use in general is down among […]

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Rogue Internet Pharmacies: Easy, Cheap, and Unsafe

With prescription medication prices so high, many Americans use internet pharmacies for medications that are more easily accessible and cheaper than what they might get at the corner drugstore. Unfortunately these consumers may also be unaware of the safety hazards of ordering medications online. Although not everyone ordering pharmaceuticals online is doing so for a […]

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Prescription Drug Abuse: CDC Answers Your Questions

PBS NewsHour recently aired a report on prescription drug abuse. This led viewers to ask a number of questions. A few of these are included here: Viewer Question 1: Many states have prescription limits. Are doctors simply ignoring these? Or do they prescribe more doses per patient than is required for relief? CDC: Thirty-five states […]

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BYU Students Have New Device to Fight Drug Addiction

This is the all-too-familiar story of drug addiction and Dr. Terry Sellers. It’s familiar because we have heard this story before, just with different characters and settings. But the plot is still the same. Terry Sellers was a respected obstetrician who spent his nights delivering babies. He began to suffer from migraine headaches and was […]

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Communities Around the Twin Cities Fight to Curb Heroin Use in Teens

Communities in Minnesota are fighting to bring awareness to a growing problem of heroin abuse among teen and young adults in and around the Twin Cities. Writing in an article for the Star Tribune, reporter Kelley Smith tells the story of Emily Hanus, the 20-year-old daughter of the major of her small town, a suburb […]

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