Can I Detox From Methadone?

What is Detox from Methadone Like? Methadone is a long-acting opioid medication. It was originally designed to help people in treatment struggling with addiction to opioids, such as heroin. It is used to slowly wean people off of heroin and opioids so that they do not experience sudden and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. However, methadone in […]

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Methadone Abuse in Children

Methadone Abuse in Children Research results suggest that the risks of children being given or accidentally ingesting dangerous narcotic drugs may be more common than many people know. The U.K. charity Adfam claims that in the last five years there were 17 cases where a child died from abuse or neglect that involved opioid drug […]

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Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse in Westchester, NY

On the online news site for Westchester County, New York,, District Attorney Janet DiFiore, penned an open letter addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic in this country and in her county. Her letter is as informative as it is jarring, containing a number of statistics that are, at the very least, discouraging. But, as […]

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