August 23, 2019

How to Determine Luxury Treatment vs Normal Treatment

How to Determine Luxury Treatment vs Normal Treatment Deciding what type of treatment center to go to, now that you’ve made the decision to get sober, can be pretty difficult. Finding the right treatment center and the right treatment program will make all the difference in your long-term recovery and sobriety, so how do you […]

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August 23, 2019

How Long is a Luxury Treatment Program?

How Long is a Luxury Treatment Program? According to USAToday, nearly 21 million Americans struggle with substance addictions. That’s more than the number of people who have all cancers combined, and can mean 1 in 7 people will eventually suffer from an addiction. With such an epidemic in place, it is important to understand how […]

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January 14, 2019

Why Malibu is a Perfect Place for Rehab

Start Your New Life in Malibu Living with addiction is a dark, scary and lonely place. Relationships are damaged, families are torn apart, living situations aren’t ideal and overall health and self-esteem are extremely poor. Making the decision to turn your life around is a big one, and while it can be scary, it is […]

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December 6, 2018

What to Look For in Luxury Treatment

Individualized Treatment When you are looking for a luxury treatment center, it is extremely important that you find individualized treatment for your needs. No two addictions are the same; everyone has different experiences, traumas and life stories that lead to addiction. Detoxing and withdrawal symptoms can differ in severity, circumstances are different from client to […]

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July 24, 2018

Luxury Alcohol Treatment Center

Americans are drinking more than ever. In fact, a 2017 study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that 1 out of every 8 Americans struggles with alcohol abuse. The number is rising at a steady amount, and the study suggests the importance of “destigmatizing these conditions and encouraging those who cannot reduce their alcohol consumption on […]

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