Spiritual Counseling

Luxury Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab

The spiritual life and well being of those who abuse alcohol or drugs cannot be ignored if treatment is to be successful. Whether you have a particular faith, find spirituality in nature, have a notion of God that you’ve created for yourself, or find peace by some other means, it is difficult to focus on spiritual matters when you’re feeling ill from the physical and psychological ravages of alcohol and drugs.

Although not based in any particular religion, our spiritual guides will help you look at the problems in your life from a spiritual perspective, based on your specific needs and interests. Depending on your faith tradition, prayer and meditation can be part of spiritual counseling. No matter what your religious background, ideas such as the spirit’s intuitive ability to know right from wrong will be discussed, in an effort to help you find a path that will bring you peace.

If you belong to a religious tradition and feel strongly that you would like to speak to a clergy member of your faith, we can provide resources for such interactions. However, spiritual counseling at Cliffside Malibu is not based in a particular religion and as such can be molded to fit your faith tradition and needs.

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