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Richard Taite

Richard Taite

Founder and CEO, Cliffside Malibu
Co-Author of Ending Addiction For Good

Cliffside Malibu CEO and founder Richard Taite is Southern California native. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science with the idea of becoming a lawyer but instead, life and fate got in the way. After many years of bad decision making, Richard finally conquered a crippling alcohol and cocaine habit and achieved sobriety on March 3, 2003. One year later, with the seed money he had from his own medical bill collections and medical-legal consulting company, Taite purchased a sprawling property in Malibu with a desire to create a dedicated sober living facility for men. He started his client base with referrals received from area residential rehabilitation compounds who discharged patients after their 28 days but who still needed treatment and mentoring for their continued sobriety.

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Medical Marijuana Saves Lives

Medical Marijuana Saves Lives

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