What Rehab at Cliffside Malibu Can Do for You

Rehab can change your life. A top notch rehab will provide you the opportunity to live a life you never dreamed could be yours or rebuild a life you thought you had lost forever. It will return you to the best state of mental and physical health possible. It will give you a chance to create new, healthy relationships or set right relationships that were damaged by your drug abuse or alcoholism. It will help you to become productive again, in your work or in society. It will give you hope and a future. Addiction treatment is the chance to be free of all that holds you back. It is a powerful experience.



Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Center



If you do a web search for drug rehab centers, you will probably be overwhelmed by the many rehabs promising the world. They will tell you that in four weeks you’ll be better.  They will say that what they have to offer is the “best.” They will tell you that you do have a disease, don’t have a disease, or might have a disease. They will say that twelve-step programs are the only way or that they don’t work at all. How are you to know what to choose?

  • Choose a treatment center that offers highly individualized treatment. Cookie cutter programs help some of the people some of the time. The more individualized care you receive, the more likely it is that you will recover.
  • Choose a treatment center that offers holistic therapies. To be treated as a whole person is key to building the solid foundation which is needed to recover from addiction.
  • Choose a treatment center that is JCAHO accredited. Only 6% of treatment facilities meet the standard of care required for this elite accreditation.
  • Make longer-term care a priority. Only a handful of people recover in 30 days. Most addicts require 90 to 120 days of treatment to get a solid footing in recovery.
  • Find a facility with a proven record of success and industry-leading professionals. Ask what the success rates are at one year. Ask to see the credentials or biographies of the staff. You have every right to know how well your treatment center does its job and whether or not the staff is caring and supportive.

The Benefits of Luxury

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers do not need to be luxurious to be effective, but luxury certainly does help. Being able to relax in a comfortable bed, having nutritious gourmet meals served to you in a dining room with a serene setting, walking through rose and lavender filled meditation gardens, enjoying housekeeping service, using Wi-Fi and having access to your phone throughout the day, even being able to access a hairdresser if necessary – all of this creates the space for you to focus on the important things while you work with your therapist to heal. We want you to have every opportunity to overcome your addiction, so part of the reason we provide a luxurious setting is to give you just that – every tool you need to recover.

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