An Introduction to Outpatient Treatment at Cliffside

Cliffside Malibu outpatient services

Cliffside Malibu Outpatient Services is located in beautiful Malibu, California just a leisurely walk to Zuma Beach near some of the best hiking mountains in the world. While offering a robust program of the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment that includes group and individual therapy, we also support you in taking an active role in your own sobriety. We believe that assisting you in developing sober support and community resources is critical to your success. We give you your own case manager so you don’t have to navigate it alone!

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Before explaining what it is we do and why we do it, take a moment to hear from an alumni.
Before I came to Cliffside I had relapsed over 10 times and just couldn’t get any time together. Being in this beautiful environment and feeling loved and respected for the first time in my life has changed the way I treat myself. The counselors and staff have loved me even when I couldn’t love myself. They really meant it. They really care. I’ve never been to groups like this before, where you dig until you figure out what’s going on. They’ve pushed me farther than I thought I could go and caught me when I’ve messed up. I have 15 months sober now and I can’t imagine getting there without Cliffside. I’ve been to a lot of rehabs and no one does it like they do.

– Nikki

One of the many qualities that makes Cliffside Malibu Outpatient Services unique is the Stages of Change model we use to treat addiction. Have you felt as if your motivation to be sober has been strong one day and weaker the next? Have life events caused you to relapse and you just can’t figure out what happened? In the stages of change model of treatment it is understood that you are in a different stage of change depending on a number of factors. We can work with you no matter what stage you are in. We understand that a motivation for change shifts within each individual and we are trained to assess that and provide unique interventions that match with your stage of change.

You may move between the stages of change having successes and setbacks, but our goal is to move you through the stages of change to live a sober successful life driven by the healthiest self you can present to the world and your loved ones.

For example some days you may be feeling very motivated in your sobriety i.e. gathering outside sober support, applying for a job, talking to your family to repair past hurts. But other days you may have a difficult time believing you can be sober. We look at those thoughts, behaviors and feelings as your current stage of change and we are trained to help you take steps forward to create change and support you when you may have lost motivation to change.

So what are these Stages of Change?

And where to put yourself?

  1. Pre-contemplative

You are not currently considering sobriety as a lifestyle but perhaps your family or partner has given you an ultimatum and you love them and don’t want to lose them. Would you like to see if we can help you make the change for yourself?

  1. Contemplative

Some days you are feeling motivated to stop using and other days you are not. Or maybe you feel that ambivalence hour by hour? You’ve had a relapse and don’t quite know how to begin again? Our treatment team can help you clarify your decision and help you evaluate the pros and cons to changing as well as lift you up after a setback.

  1. Preparation

You are feeling ready to make some changes. You want to change. Life has gotten to an unmanageable place. You just need the skills, the exploration of underlying issues and a solid plan. Let us provide those to you and co-create the next chapter in your life.

  1. Action

You have some sobriety. You have been practicing new behaviors. You may simply not really know how to keep going forward. You can get more support and more concrete action items with the support we provide.

  1. Maintenance

You have a continuing commitment to sobriety but maybe one or two pieces of your plan are not quite working or have perhaps fallen apart a bit? Let us help you get back on track.

I had never been to rehab. I was scared and with all my mental health issues I didn’t know if my anxiety would overwhelm me. I did feel overwhelmed at first, but at Cliffside I had a lot of outlets. I had my groups every day.  I got really close with those people. I consider them family. I had my therapist and case manager too. They just seem to get it. The staff was always welcoming.  They never made me feel like I was too much for them or like I was talking crazy. I don’t know… I just didn’t know what was going to happen and they gave me more than I could have ever expected.

cliffside malibu outpatient services

You’re ready?

As a beloved member of our CMOS program you will engage in daily group therapy led by world class therapists and drug and alcohol counselors. We have facilitators that excel in experiential group therapy, art therapy, music therapy, relapse prevention, meditation, mindfulness based practices as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-education, family sculpting and activity based community building skill work.

Outside of treatment we embrace all the different ways you would like to find your community. Whether that is Smart Recovery, 12 step, Refuge Recovery, or Church we have a team that can educate you about them all so you can make your own choice and practice in the community while in treatment.

Group therapy sessions are held daily from 9am to 9pm with four different time frames for your convenience. It is important to us that you have the convenience of individualizing your schedule and choosing what works around your other needs. Being an active participate in group will help you build a strong relapse prevention plan, build your social skills, learn assertive communication, and engage you in a therapeutic process to target underlying issues that currently drive your addictive behaviors. We guide you there and provide the stage and there is nothing like having your peers surround you with love and truth.

Our group facilitators are licensed marriage and family therapists, psychologists and drug and alcohol counselors. Each one of these perspectives brings you a VAST knowledge and multiple ways of looking at your addiction and your sobriety.

You will have an individual therapist and a personal case manager that you meet with weekly. First we assess together what your goals are and then we co-create a treatment plan individualized to you. First, we want you to dig in and gather self-knowledge. Then we want you to branch out and practice a life of sobriety with a treatment team to support the practice.
cliffside malibu outpatient services

My business is incredibly important to a lot of people. I was screwing it up. I needed to fix it and fix it fast. Drugs and alcohol were running the show and I was losing my family in the process. After some time in residential treatment I came to Cliffside outpatient… and if I’m honest… I wanted things my way. I didn’t know this then, but everyone at Cliffside helped me realize that I’d been living my life my way for awhile… and it wasn’t working. I had been directing my family like I direct my employees. Once I could surrender to what was being asked of me in a way that challenged me but also broke my issues open in a way I hadn’t before… I could see how my own behavior had sabotaged me and was literally killing me. I really had to come to know myself before I could meet others AS myself. I engaged in family therapy and the family program and we have restored our love on a whole new level. Now I practice every day the skills I learned, I’m sober, and I’m a little better at letting people tell me what is best for me (laughs).


Why Family Therapy?

At Cliffside you are part of our family. But we know that you actually have your own family.

Whatever your family looks like, whether traditional or chosen, we offer you a way of being a better family member, partner, and friend.

10 Reasons Family Therapy Supports Your Sobriety

  1. We educate your family about addiction and addiction treatment.
  2. You and your family become aware of the family dynamics that are sabotaging and supporting your addiction.
  3. Your family has a stage of change too! Let’s assess and see how we can help everyone understand and move forward.
  4. We teach you AND your loved ones how to communicate.
  5. We can support reconnecting after having lost relationships.
  6. We can assist you and your family in setting boundaries with each other to allow for personal responsibility.
  7. We can direct your family toward resources of their own as addiction effects everyone.
  8. We can process experiences and feelings in a safe environment with a trained guide.
  9. We can overcome conflicts and build close family ties so you can be who you want to be for your family.
  10. We can stimulate a way for the whole family to work together as a whole to provide what each member can to support everyone’s health self in recovered family.

cliffside malibu outpatient services

As a part of CMOS you and your family are invited to attend our family program every Saturday.

In the morning your family members will attend a 90 minute psycho-education on one topic of addiction treatment. These presentations are given by doctors, therapists, our clinical director and program director, as well as our insanely knowledgeable case managers. In the afternoon you and your family members are invited to eat lunch together and engage in an additional 90 minute family group. The family’s that have participated in this program have better communication and a deeper understanding of each other.

ALSO, as part of your ongoing therapy with your therapist and case manager, we contact and work with your family either in person or virtually. We can incorporate family sessions in to your individual therapy. If your family is supportive we use that. If your family does not understand addiction we help to educate them and strengthen your voice with them. If your family is part of your aftercare plan let’s get that done! Your support system plays an integral part in your success. 

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