Methamphetamine Addiction

What is the Cliffside Malibu methamphetamine addiction program and why do its patients succeed in kicking their addiction?

The experts at Cliffside Malibu understand the unique requirements for treating methamphetamine addiction and our program recognizes this: for example, the initial detox period at Cliffside may last for up to 30 days, ensuring the lingering chemical effects of the drug are purged completely from the body. Other treatment centers treat meth addiction like any other addiction and release patients too quickly, virtually ensuring that they will relapse.

After medically supervised detox, our methamphetamine addiction program includes extended care and sober living sessions, with individual and group therapy sessions to address the physical and mental aspects of this particularly debilitating addiction. While staying at Cliffside Malibu, patients enjoy privacy and a secure environment while surrounded by luxurious amenities that help ease the rehabilitation process. Our exclusive oceanfront estate offers a wide range of premium features, including:

  • private beach on the Pacific Ocean
  • freshly prepared gourmet meals
  • recreational activities such as horseback riding, hiking and swimming
  • a fitness center and personal trainers
  • alternative programs such as yoga
  • spa treatments
  • well-appointed residence rooms with plasma TVs, internet access and fireplaces

Overcoming a methamphetamine addiction is a long and difficult battle, but Cliffside Malibu’s staff has the experience and the commitment to help you win the battle, while our exclusive residence ensures privacy and the highest degree of comfort possible.

What can Cliffside Malibu do to help you beat your methamphetamine addiction?

Once you have made the decision to confront and overcome your addiction to methamphetamines, Cliffside Malibu provides the staff and facilities to make it possible. Our doctors have worked successfully with meth addictions and know how to successfully treat the physical dependencies. Once detox is completed, a personalized program including an increasing emphasis on individual care will work towards ending your addiction through therapy (both traditional and alternative) and counseling. Physical addiction as well as any contributing psychological issues is worked through intensively during this phase. Finally, a “sober period” where you are free to enjoy the luxurious surrounding of Cliffside allows you to relax while under the supervision of our staff. We offer an after-care program once you leave residence, as well as family counseling sessions.

Dear Cliffside:

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me kick my meth addiction. If there’s such a thing as rock bottom, I think I was there by the time my parents checked me in. I was paranoid and refusing to answer the phone. I’d been awake for three straight days when they showed up at my apartment- apparently, I’d scratched my face up pretty bad and the doctor who saw me when I first arrived at Cliffside told my parents my blood pressure was sky high. I won’t kid you, detox was not fun. But the staff were always there to reassure me when I started freaking out and I made it through. I learned a lot about myself during the therapy, and my family was involved in some sessions, which made facing them a lot easier. Above all, the staff was incredibly supportive and never judgmental. I was at Cliffside for 3 months, and last month especially was incredibly relaxing and helped prepare me for going back into society. My blood pressure is normal, the scars have pretty much all healed and I’ve moved back in with my parents while I look for a job. Thanks for getting me here.


Name Withheld.

It sounds like Cliffside Malibu can help me. What should I do next?

If you or a loved one is suffering through a meth addiction, please call Cliffside Malibu for help. We are available toll free, 24 hours a day at 800-501-1988. One of our trained counselors is waiting to help you; they can even put you into immediate contact with an experienced therapist from our methamphetamine addiction program for advice over the telephone.

Dear Cliffside:

Providing an emergency help line is a great service and I’m grateful that this is available. Not everyone has the time or foresight to arrange for a doctor’s appointment if they have concerns about a friend or family member who is fighting a person with substance use disorderion, so being able to call at any time and speak to an experienced counselor is invaluable.


Name Withheld

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