For Individuals

The best thing that can happen to you right now is to know that you have a problem with addiction and recognize that you need help. We know where you are and understand the pain you’re in, many of us first-hand. We also know that you’re not a bad person. You’re a person who needs help, love and support. You deserve to recover, to lead the best life you can. Happiness and joy can be yours, if you get into and stick with the recovery process. A life you never dreamed possible awaits you.

Rehab Facilities Addiction Recovery Malibu Luxury RehabA Safe, Medically-Supervised Detox

The first thing you’ll experience at Cliffside Malibu is a safe, comfortable medically-supervised detox. Your personal detox specialist will create a detoxification plan for you designed to keep you safe and make the process of separating from your drug(s) of choice as painless as possible. Do not fear this process. It is nothing like being “dope sick” or experiencing the “shakes” on your own. This is a medical procedure that will allow you to taper off the substances you’ve been abusing and minimize the potential complications of separating from drugs and alcohol. Do not attempt detox on your own. Rather, allow yourself to be treated by our consulting professionals who are industry leaders in providing addiction detox.

Detox Treatment Luxury Rehab CenterYou’ll Have Unconditional Love and Support

Cliffside Malibu understands addiction as a behavioral disorder, not a disease. …and any behavior can be changed. You can recover. We meet you at your current stage of recovery using the Stages of Change model. Created by one of the world’s leading psychologists, the Stages of Change model allows us to walk with you hand in hand through the recovery process. When obstacles develop, we can navigate them together, helping to create optimal conditions for recovery. As you work through the change process, you become ready to navigate life outside the treatment center, something we will help you do with courage and competency.

Addiction Recovery Program Malibu Luxury Rehab CenterOur Facilities

Cliffside Malibu embraces its residents with comfort and privacy. The facilities will remind you of a spa. Our boutique atmosphere means that you will be personally attended to. We have four staff for every resident, including individuals who are available to help you with whatever your needs might be – from getting a haircut to helping your loved ones find perfect lodging when they visit. Every creature comfort you could require is provided for you – from 180-degree white-cap views of the Pacific Ocean in our dining room to turn-down service each night. We want you to be comfortable so that you can focus entirely on your recovery.

Unlike other facilities, we do not “break you down to build you up.” We do not require that you clean common areas or make your bed at a certain time. Rather, we treat you like the adult that you are. You may keep your cell phone and work on your personal computer; our entire facility has Wi-Fi. You will not be forced to do chores or be treated as a child in any way. Our facility is meant to be your home.

Your Success: Maintaining Sobriety is Possible

Though many addicts choose to leave treatment prior to completing all three levels of care with us, those who do complete our treatment program find themselves in a group with an unmatched advantage. Because we match the success of our treatment protocol with your commitment to recovery. If you complete all three levels of care with us, your chances of remaining sober are profound.

Next Step – You Deserve The Best

We know that pain or trauma has created an opportunity for addiction to develop. You deserve an opportunity to put your life back on track, to face the pain that caused your addiction and build something more for yourself. You deserve to have solid relationships with the people you love, to be productive at work, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Now is the time for that change. Pick up the phone and call us today.