For Family & Friends

You’re looking at this website because someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol. They may be depressed, anxious, traumatized or suffering from another psychological disorder in addition to addiction. Your loved one may have become distant with you or violent. He or she may lie or steal. You’re worried because you realize that death is nearer than your loved one thinks. There is hope. We are here to help.

Addiction Treatment Program Malibu Luxury Rehab CenterFor Family

Cliffside Malibu offers one of the most successful treatment protocols in the world. Our staff members are industry-leading professionals who are empathetic and caring toward the addicts in our care. Our treatment program is endorsed by several of the nation’s top psychologists, educators, physicians, and integrative medicine specialists. We have no desire to be a revolving door treatment program. It is our hope that with your involvement and support, your loved one will come to treatment and stay for the amount of time necessary to build a solid foundation for recovery.

We understand your fears. You hear all the time about people overdosing, dying, driving under the influence and going to jail or worse, injuring someone else. You know all too well the opportunity for child abuse or neglect when there are children in the home with someone who is an addict. You fear for your loved one’s job. For those in school, it seems like a pipe-dream that they’ll finish. Others around you are giving up hope, telling you to take care of yourself and give your family member “tough love” or let them go.

If needed, we will help you find the treatment and support you need to help your loved one recover. We provide top-notch interventions to get your loved one into treatment. We call this “loving” the addict into recovery. We’ll also involve you in the treatment process so that you can work out family issues and be involved in after-care opportunities to allow your loved one the best chance of long-term recovery.

Addiction Recovery Program for Family MemberFor Parents

It is particularly heart-wrenching to have a child who has developed an addiction. The hopes and dreams you had for your son or daughter seem shattered. S/he has probably been involved in activities that horrify you. You worry day and night that you will get “that call.” If your child has been arrested, you may have breathed a sigh of relief that at least you knew where s/he was and that s/he would have a harder time getting alcohol and drugs in jail than on the street.

No matter how far down it seems your child has sunk, there is hope. For those who complete all three levels of our treatment program, more than nine out of ten remain sober for at least one year after entering treatment. Whenever possible, we involve family members in the addict’s recovery process, so that everyone can begin to rebuild broken relationships. Our comprehensive continuum of care provides the industry’s most evidence-based treatment, with the latest proven modalities. Giving your son or daughter the greatest chance for the life that you dream of them having. We can help you navigate that terrain.

Addiction Recovery Program for Spouse Malibu Luxury RehabFor Partners/Spouses

Addicts destroy intimate relationships. They lie and steal. There may have been infidelity or abuse. You may have been asked to enable the addict’s poor behavior – to call in sick for him or make excuses. Your heart is broken because the person you once loved, once committed your life to in partnership, is only a shell of the person he used to be. You don’t know if you should stay in the relationship because you promised to support one another for “better or worse” or if it is time to leave.

If you have chosen to stay in the relationship, at least for the time being, your role will be pivotal in your spouse’s recovery. Your spouse will depend upon you to be a source of encouragement and support. Though it will take time to rebuild the trust and rapport that was damaged by substance abuse, a new, healthier, strong relationship can rise from the ashes of addiction.

You probably need help too. As part of your partner’s recovery plan, it will be important to understand your own enabling behaviors and to get the assistance you need to be a positive model of healthy living when your loved one returns home from treatment.

Individual Addiction Recovery Therapy Malibu Luxury RehabFriends

Friends are often as important as a family during the recovery process. Those individuals who are not blood relatives, but are devoted supporters of a client’s recovery are sometimes included in the treatment process. Certainly, those friends who are not using addicts themselves can be a very strong part of the aftercare process. We encourage clients to mend broken friendships and learn to be honest and open with the people who love and support them.

Next Step – You Deserve the Best

We know that pain or trauma has created an opportunity for addiction to develop. Your loved one deserves an opportunity to put your life back on track, to face the pain that caused their addiction and build something more for themselves. They deserve to have solid relationships with the people they love, to be productive at work, and live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Now is the time for that change. Pick up the phone and call us today.