For Employers

These are uncertain financial times, which means that in your business, you need to be able to rely on your employees to be honest, responsible, hard-working and committed. When you hire someone, you expect him or her to embody these traits and possess the skill set to make your business grow. However, over time, you will find that a certain percentage of your workforce develops addiction. This is especially distressing when addiction develops in senior employees who are critical to the business, know trade secrets, or have enormous financial accountability to the firm.

Addiction Treatment for an Employee Malibu Luxury RehabMaintain Your Investment

When you hire and train someone, you spend a significant amount of time and money getting them up to speed, creating a positive resource for your company. Many times, the person suffering from addiction began as one of your top producers. Over time, the quality of their work may have diminished, but you still rely on them because they have relationships that are meaningful to your bottom line. Still, you can’t run your business effectively or profitably if your CFO isn’t giving you accurate numbers or your COO is distracted by a spouse suffering from addiction rather than paying close attention to your business systems.

The best way to maintain your investment in the people you hire is to offer them effective addiction treatment. Not only will you return a valued employee to the highest levels of productivity, you’ll also build loyalty from your employee and his/her loved ones. Treat your employee’s adult child for addiction, or the employee him/herself, and you’ll have an employee who believes in and wants to be involved with your company for life.

Addiction Treatment for an Employee Malibu Luxury Rehab ProgramTreating Those You Know are Devoted

Human resources are always an unknown. It might be tempting to terminate the employment of drug or alcohol addicted personnel. However, providing treatment may be a more cost-effective option. If you know that an employee once had a large degree of talent, the cost of letting that employee go and trying to find someone new with the same talent may be prohibitive. Investment in and loyalty to your employees very likely will be returned many times over to your company and you.

What Cliffside Malibu Offers Employers

We offer a safe, proven treatment method with an industry-leading success rate. Our treatment protocol is highly individualized, our treatment center is private. Our specialty is providing high-quality treatment to C-level executives, to return them back to work with newfound confidence and the ability to be your top-performers once more.