Exclusive Drug Rehab

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. The benefits of exclusive drug and alcohol treatment are enormous. At an exclusive treatment center, you will receive the highest quality care provided by the finest staff in the world in a luxury environment. Together, these qualities combine to provide you with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve addiction recovery, in a safe and comfortable place.

Individual Treatment Plans

One thing an exclusive drug rehab center can offer you is an individual treatment plan. Most treatment centers have a generalized drug addiction treatment plan that all of the addicts follow. This is rarely effective. You reach treatment with your own unique needs, interests, goals, and personal history. With us, you will be given a personal psychotherapist to work with you to address these issues, as well as the underlying causes of your addiction. Together, a specialized treatment program will be created for you, providing you access to the best evidence-based treatment available in a way that will work for you.

Exclusive and Private Treatment

Cliffside Malibu is the finest exclusive drug rehab center in California, bar none. You will find yourself immediately in a safe, comfortable environment. Your personal physician will provide you with a medical detox, using the best tools medicine can offer. Your therapist will help you to carefully and securely uncover the pain that caused your addiction to flourish. You will be given a number of supplemental treatments that include: yoga, personal training, massage therapy, acupuncture, equine assisted therapy, and meditation. You’ll have access to our private grounds, gardens, sun deck, pool and the beach. You will keep your cell phone and have access to wifi in your room. At night, you’ll sleep in comfort in a luxurious bed with the finest linens. Your rest and recovery is our greatest concern. Unlike at other treatment centers, your business is no one’s but your own. We do not share our client lists with anyone. Catering to an elite clientele, we know that your recovery and the resumption of your life outside of treatment hinges upon the protection of your privacy. We take that very seriously.


One important aspect of treatment is family. At Cliffside Malibu, we don’t impose rigid guidelines on when and how family is brought into the treatment process. While you are in drug treatment, your family members will receive information about what they can do to support you through your recovery and build better, healthier lives for themselves.  Then, when it is appropriate for you, they will be brought into your treatment process in the ways that you and your therapist believe are most appropriate and fitting. This is all done to ensure that you have the best support possible upon your return home and also to be mindful of the difficult and strained family relationships that many addicts have. For additional information on the kind of treatment you can receive from Cliffside Malibu, please continue to browse our website or to receive immediate assistance and speak to one of our intake counselors, call 1- 800-501-1988 anytime of the day or night.