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Malibu, home to the stars and their palatial dwellings, the
magnificent cliffs and bluffs of Southern California, is also home to the silent
monster of intense drug addiction. In recent years, drug abuse in the least
expected places in America has grown at an alarming rate. Every day
suburban housewives admit to unsuspected drug addictions by the thousands.
Prestigious law makers come clean on the nightly news about hidden battles
with drugs and alcohol. And who can forget the droves of Hollywood icons
that accredit their erratic behavior to the extensive abuse of illegal and
prescription drugs? There is a Malibu Rehab available.

Deep within the hidden hills of the rich and famous lies an unspoken
evil. Nestled in the plush nooks and crannies of the Malibu residences,
drug addiction often rears its ugly head. Many of the residents in this
exclusive community often live the majority of their lives in the public
eye. Unfortunately, such lifestyles leave little room for error and even
less room for the correction of error. When afflicted with the pain and
horror of drug addiction, our high profile brethren search for the
compassion and discretion of safe and effective Malibu rehab.

Often times, drug abuse can be the invisible anchor that drags us into
the depths of oblivion. Lives, marriages, and careers have all fallen
victim to the harsh repercussions of this terrible affliction. Many would
say that the lack of understanding throughout our society and the lack of
readily available help could be the main reasons that the astounding
numbers of drug addicts still exist. But help is on the way.