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Richard Taite

Richard Taite

Founder and CEO --- Co-Author of Ending Addiction For Good

Cliffside Malibu CEO and founder Richard Taite has lived in the Los Angeles area his entire life. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science with the idea of becoming a lawyer but instead, life and fate got in the way.After spending many years as an addict and alcoholic, and being in and out of various programs and sober living facilities, Richard achieved sobriety on March 3, 2003. Soon after, with the seed money he had from his own medical bill collections and medical-legal consulting company, Richard purchased a sprawling property in Malibu with breathtaking white water ocean views. As he continued to work on his recovery, he began to notice others relapsing. He found that there was a lack of exceptional resources for people needing aftercare for their continued sobriety. It didn’t take long before the desire emerged in him to create a dedicated sober living facility for men.He started his client base with referrals received from area residential rehabilitation centers that discharged clients after 28 days. It became clear to Richard that most of these clients still needed treatment and aftercare. Richard felt that what was missing from these establishments was a lack of an integrated therapeutic approach to whole body, mind, and spirit wellness, combined with top level medical assessment and monitoring from the initial client admittance through discharge, and of course a comprehensive aftercare plan, like the one that worked so well for his own journey to sobriety.

In July of 2005, Richard opened Cliffside Malibu, a boutique eighteen bed facility for men and women. Cliffside Malibu uses treatment methods based on The Stages of Change model, a model of change that worked for Rich’s own recovery. Incorporating these stages along with wholly integrated, holistic, evidence-based treatment protocols, and with intense one-on-one psychotherapy, physical activity and rejuvenation, Cliffside is able to evaluate each person to determine their current state of willingness to change, and take the best modalities and put them all together in a personalized treatment program. Addicts who were failing in traditional twelve step programs and alternative methods of rehabilitation were finally able to achieve success in sobriety and given a chance to design the life they were always meant to have before they were derailed by drug addiction and alcoholism.

Richard credits The Stages of Change model for saving his life and wanted to pay it forward. Richard believed that since this behavioral change theory had worked for him and he was such a bad addict for so many years, it could work for others as well. In general terms, the model’s creators, Drs. James Prochaska, John Norcross, and Carlo DiClemente, observed that change is a process that occurs in a specific way with predictable steps. People overcoming addiction go through a series of stages, primarily having to do with mental preparedness and willingness to take on new actions. It is understanding this change process that has made Cliffside Malibu successful in helping people recover.

Richard has found the very best physicians specializing in addiction medicine and psychiatry who oversee all clients, initiating safe, comfortable detoxification programs, and transitioning them to a skilled and experienced team of therapists who work in tandem to bring the client to wellness. There are four full time therapists that never have more than four or five clients at any one time to ensure the clients get the individual one-on-one sessions that they really need, as well as sessions that involve the client’s family in the recovery process.

Today, Richard’s vision of Cliffside Malibu is everything he dreamed it would be. It was important for him to create the best possible experience that anyone could have under the trying circumstances that bring them into a treatment setting. To Richard that meant providing the finest clinical care you could get anywhere in the world combined with the same comfort and convenience you would receive at a five star hotel, with an understated elegance, healthy cuisine rivaling the best restaurants in LA, organic foods when available, and luxurious accommodations, all on a private serene estate. The attention to detail is unrivaled.

Richard believes in the precept of respect – respect for the healing process, the client, and the professionals who put love into their work and create a meaningful plan for recovery for all their charges. His goal is for his clients not only to achieve mere sobriety, but also for them to actually thrive, becoming their best selves with a joy for living.

He is a product of his own design and he practices what he preaches: he works out four days a week; does yoga three times a week; receives acupuncture once a week; gets a massage once a week; sees his own personal therapist once a week and a therapist with his wife once a week so they can constantly improve the quality of their loving relationship. He is passionate about natural foods and fitness training.

Self-love, self-care, therapy, and taking care of yourself is not something you HAVE to do. It’s something you GET to do. There is nothing more estimable than working on yourself to become the best father, the best husband, the best employer, and best person you can possibly be.

Richard currently resides in Malibu with his wife and three year old daughter, and works as a hands-on owner of Cliffside Malibu.