September 22, 2014

Safety of Alcohol vs Marijuana Consumption

Safety of Alcohol vs Marijuana Consumption The debate about whether marijuana is “safer” than other substances, such as alcohol, has growing public interest. President Obama publically stated that he is not convinced that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. This illustrates the recent shift toward the acceptance of marijuana legalization or decriminalization as public opinion […]

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August 20, 2014

Synthetic Marijuana Facts

Synthetic Marijuana Facts Synthetic marijuana is very different from marijuana. Called by names like Spice, K2, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and hundreds of others, the drugs contain powerful chemicals that can cause dangerous health problems. Often sold at small retail stores or via the Internet, synthetic marijuana use is risky, with unknown long-term effects. […]

Abuse, Addiction Recovery, Behavioral Addictions, Current Events, Drug Treatment, Smoking, Spice, Substance Abuse, Synthetic, Weed