May 5, 2009

No One Should Ever Try To Beat Depression Outside Of A Depression Treatment Facility

Bipolar depression is not an indication of personal failure, or moral weakness. Bipolar depressives don’t choose the fate that befalls them; they’re victims of a disease, in the same sense that cancer patients and diabetic are victims of diseases. The logical corollary, of course, is that bipolar depression can only be overcome with the help […]

Dual Diagnosis and Eating Disorder Treatment
April 20, 2009

Dual Diagnosis Is A Very Complex Process

Addiction is at root a psychological disease. It should probably go without saying, then, that addiction treatment and depression treatment are very often complementary processes. In fact, the most successful treatment facilities in Los Angeles are those which employ dual diagnosis techniques to evaluate a client’s substance dependency in conjunction with his or her mental […]

Dual Diagnosis and Eating Disorder Treatment
April 1, 2009

Isn’t your life worth saving?

Eating disorder treatment is only as effective as the people who administer it. That might sound obvious, but too many “exclusive” California eating disorder treatment centers employ inexperienced and under qualified caregivers. That, simply stated, is a recipe for failure. Even the most effective eating disorder treatment program and rehab center in the world is […]

Dual Diagnosis and Eating Disorder Treatment