Ending Addiction For Good


Ending Addiction For Good

“What a joy to be part of the journey of individuals transcending their suffering and their struggling to be in that special place of thriving.”

James O. Prochaska, PhD
Director of the Cancer Prevention Research Center at the University of Rhode Island and Developer of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change

Who hasn’t been touched, in some way, by addiction? It may have taken hold of your mother, your cousin, your best friend’s child or even you. Yet, finding successful, effective addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one can be a challenge. This book, Ending Addiction for Good, will provide you with the tools you need to seek out the treatment that the addict you love needs to recover. This book will give you hope.

From their own stories of addiction recovery, authors Taite and Scharff describe in detail the history of addiction treatment and the holistic, evidence-based treatment protocol designed and practiced at Cliffside Malibu. The authors use accessible language and stories of recovery to take the reader beyond traditional treatment methods to show how a highly individualized, whole-health treatment approach makes addiction recovery possible. This method targets all aspects of one’s being – mind, body, and spirit – and is a proven road to recovery. This book empowers addicts and their families to get the help they need to recover. Ending Addiction for Good is groundbreaking and important, the first light in years to be given to addicts who, until now, have felt beyond hope.

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Praise for Ending Addiction for Good

“Ending Addiction for Good is a book you will feel comfortable in and energized by while reading. Its authors’ stories read real and its message is full of love. The tried and tested Cliffside approach is both holistic and hopeful. Taite and Scharff have advanced Prochaska’s Stages of Change model into a ready- to- use clinical tool. They have provided readers with a fresh and thoughtful adaptation of these effective stages of recovery. Ending Addiction for Good will inspire those in recovery, as well as providers of treatment.”
Margaret Fetting , PhD
USC faculty, private practice clinician, and author of Perspectives on Addiction.

“At the heart of healing are two essential ingredients: effective treatments and hope for success. Ending Addiction for Good provides both in large doses. If you are an addict, the loved one of an addict, or a health professional working in the field of addiction and recovery, this book was written for you. If you are a primary care physician or medical specialist taking care of patients, this book will open your eyes and mind to the causes of many of our patients’ problems. I highly recommend reading this book.”
Debra R. Judelson MD, FACC, FACP

“If you have a loved one or a friend who is on the road to becoming your lost one due to an addiction, you will find the information in this book extremely helpful in helping them to find the road to recovery. Its wisdom and authenticity come from such a place of love and hope.”
Candy Finnigan, BRI ll
Interventionist on A&E’s INTERVENTION and Author of When Enough is Enough: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Intervention

“Ending Addiction for Good addresses both the adult and the child-in-the-adult to break the cycle of harm to the next generation while healing old emotional wounds. I’m a pediatrician; I have seen addiction hurt COUNTLESS children and families. A mother or father is just not present and available to be a skilled loving parent until they deal with THEIR addiction.”

Jay N. Gordon, MD, FAAP
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, UCLA Medical School
Former Senior Fellow in Pediatric Nutrition, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute

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