Valentine’s Day and Alcohol: How to Enjoy It

Valentine’s Day and Alcohol: How to Enjoy It

Whether you are single or in a loving relationship, Valentine’s Day and alcohol have likely gone hand-in-hand for you. Now that you are sober, it is time to learn new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Valentine without a glass of wine or to find new ways to cope with not having a Valentine at all. Valentine’s Day presents its own set of unique triggers and the best thing you can do is be as prepared as possible.

Valentine’s Day and Alcohol: If You’re Single

Valentine’s Day can be triggering for single people, whether they suffer from addiction or not. It can be a lonely feeling to watch couples enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their love if you don’t have a partner.

However, it is important to remember that relationships can be stressful and triggering for newly sober people. In fact, it is recommended that individuals do not enter into a new relationship within the first year of recovery. So, keep in mind that by being single, you are doing what is best for your recovery. That doesn’t make it any easier to be single and, luckily, there are ways you can cope with being single this Valentine’s Day without reaching for alcohol.

Attend a Meeting

The best thing you can do this Valentine’s Day is to attend a meeting. Surrounding yourself with other sober people who likely feel the same way as you will help you feel less alone. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, research the nearest meeting locations near you ahead of time in case you decide to go spur-of-the-moment.

Spend It with Friends

If you have other single friends, call them up and make some plans. Chances are, they feel the same way about Valentine’s Day as you do. Organize a dinner, game night, spa day, or another fun activity where you can enjoy each other’s company instead of feeling lonely at home.

Help Someone Else

If you know a couple who will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, ask how you can help them pull off their plans. Offer to decorate their apartment to come home to while they’re at dinner, deliver flowers or gifts to their workplace, or act as the “waiter” for their at-home dinner. Helping others always gives a warm, fuzzy feeling — especially if it is for friends.

Treat Yourself

Turn Valentine’s Day from something you dread into something you can look forward to this year. Treat yourself to a nice dinner, a spa day, a shopping spree, or buy that box of chocolates from the grocery store to enjoy yourself this year!

Valentine’s Day and Alcohol: Sober Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day and alcohol go together for many couples. This includes enjoying wine over dinner, popping champagne, or otherwise celebrating the night with alcohol. Now that you are sober, it is time to find new ways to celebrate the holiday without the booze.

Stay In

Valentine’s Day is notorious for hard-to-book reservations, packed restaurants, and not-so-desirable prix fixe menus. This can all be stressful and potentially triggering, making a night at home sound like the ideal plan. There are so many ways you can make a night in special and romantic while skipping out on all your triggers at the same time, including:

  • Hiring a chef
  • Purchasing candles, flowers, and new linens to mimic a restaurant set-up
  • Picnicking at a local park
  • Hiding little gifts all over the house for your Valentine

Take a Class

If you’re looking for something more exciting than a night in but still want to skip the madness of the Valentine’s Day rush, consider taking a class. Check your local deals website, such as Groupon, for classes near you. You may get some great ideas such as a cooking class, painting class, dance class, or massage class.

Be Active

There’s nothing more important than your health, and that extends further than just your sobriety. You can carry this new healthy lifestyle into your Valentine’s Day plans by being active. You can reserve some lanes for a fun night of bowling, go on a special hike, take a yoga class, or visit the beach for a long walk.

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Valentine’s Day and alcohol no longer have to go together. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there are plenty of ways to have a sober Valentine’s Day while still making it enjoyable. Don’t let Valentine’s Day be the trigger that sends you into a relapse — make sure you’re prepared with plans and lean on your support if things get too triggering.

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