The Power of an Inspirational Story

A hedge fund manager named James Altucher recently included an inspirational story in his blog, The Altucher Confidential. Recently he wrote about his former babysitter Lynn, sharing her incredible story of overcoming drug addiction and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Take a moment to read Altucher’s post from his blog and be inspired.

When Lynn was in college she became addicted to Ecstasy, using so heavily for a period of time that a brain scan would later show her tissues to be atrophied so severely they resembled the scan of an 80-year-old person. Fortunately Lynn was able to get the help she needed to overcome her addiction after a collapse left her hospitalized. During that time, she realized that the key to getting healthy lay in coming to terms with a difficult childhood in which her father had abandoned her family. Once clean and sober, Lynn became determined to help other young people suffering from addiction. She wrote a memoir, made an appearance on Oprah and other national television shows, and began speaking at schools and community centers across the country, sharing her inspirational story.  Lynn is clearly good at what she does, and we applaud her success. Her comments about recovery are very much in keeping with our own approach to treatment.

It wasn’t the regular twelve step thing. “You have to love your addiction…. You have to learn to accept it and learn to accept what it is inside of you that caused you the pain that leapt into that addiction. Only then can you deal with it. Everything is about acceptance.”



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