Orthomolecular Medicine in Drug Treatment

Choose healthy, organic food

Orthomolecular Medicine is about proper nutrition which is something that few addicts engage in. If drug addicts or alcoholics eat at all, it is usually something cheap and readily available. A proper meal might come from a dinner at the addict’s parents’ house or be prepared by a loving spouse, but left to their own devices, drug addicts and alcoholics aren’t thinking much about food.

Sometimes, proper nutrition isn’t enough to get the addict’s body back to its best level of health. In those cases, orthomolecular supplements may be required.

Orthomolecular medicine comes from the idea that the basis for good health is proper nutrition gained through a combination of healthy eating and the use of supplements, particularly vitamins and minerals. Orthomolecular medicine restores the body to optimum health by correcting deficiencies and imbalances in an individual’s biochemistry. The substances used in orthomolecular medicine are always natural including: amino acids, fatty acids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

There are particular combinations of supplements that are used to help the body return to health from the abuse of specific substances. Alcoholics will likely receive different supplements than cocaine addicts, though there are some substances that are shown to be beneficial for almost everyone. For example, Vitamins C and B12 are widely used in orthomolecular medicine. They have much lower rates of toxicity than synthetic medications and can have a tremendous positive impact on those overcoming addiction and co-occurring psychological disorders. These vitamins may be used in combination with other natural substances to help the body heal from alcoholism or drug addiction, based on an individual’s biochemistry and particular needs.

In order for the addict to maintain sobriety, the body must be healed. Orthomolecular medicine is a tool to heal the body and a cutting-edge, proven resource in addiction treatment. Find out here how relapsedoes not have to be a part of addiction recovery.

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