Alcohol Recovery SuccessI have been to several rehabs over the years, but Cliffside Malibu will gratefully be my last. From the moment I was greeted at the airport I was treated with complete professionalism. In my experience, no other rehab blends practical and spiritual principles so effectively. I look forward to my future with great enthusiasm largely due to your successful program.
When we arrived at the house, the view was breath taking and the room comfortably exceeded my expectations. Over the first week, I was detoxed and treated with excellent service and respect. I was not treated as a diseased alcoholic, but rather as a person with compulsive behaviors formulated by false beliefs and fears. The following few weeks were tough, but hearing the story of Rich’s personal struggle in “Ending Addiction for Good,”offered hope of eventually becoming sober and regaining control of my life.
Cliffside Malibu provided me with self-knowledge and spiritual principles that have empowered me to quit using alcohol to escape my problems. Learning to be mindful and aware of the moment has been a useful tool in managing day-to-day stress and eliminating craving triggers. I now realize that I have the strength to tackle any situation I encounter with confidence and wisdom. The hard work has paid off.
Everyone made an effort to make me feel at home during my extended stay. The meals were fantastic and the accommodations resembled those of a five star hotel. Along with all the available therapies and the number of personal professional providers, absolutely nothing was left to chance. I highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking recovery.
Thank you, sincerely,