Thanks to your wonderful program and staff members. We finally understand that addiction recovery is a process and we have learned a lot along the way. Our son started using prescription pain pills his first year in college, for a sports related injury. Before anyone realized it, he had developed a strong dependency on opioid drugs, and it only got worse over time. After watching his grades drop and his physical and mental changes, he agreed to enter a drug rehabilitation program. We withdrew him from the university before he was asked to leave.

The first program our son completed, at age 20, included replacement therapy and the use of Suboxone. The results were devastating for our son. He quickly became addicted to the Suboxone and used it along with other drugs and alcohol. He was hospitalized several times for overdose and nearly died twice.

After some serious research, we were relieved to find that the approach at Cliffside Malibu was one of abstinence. Our son was very willing to go. When we called, he was immediately accepted into your residential treatment program, which he very desperately needed. The abstinence approach is truly the best choice of treatment for serious addiction. Our son received a variety of great therapies, was taught how to take control of his life, including how to prevent relapse. Now 23, he has returned to the university and his grades are great. He continues to practice many of the tools he learned at Cliffside.

The staff was absolutely behind both patient and family, and in our experience went the extra mile to provide responsible and personalized treatment. Without hesitation, we would recommend this program to others. Our family will be eternally grateful to the understanding and help you provided, including helping develop a long-term plan to stay drug free.

Many Thanks,

Mr. and Mrs. [name omitted]