December 23, 2014

Why You Should Learn and Practice Yoga

Why You Should Learn and Practice Yoga

Yoga is a balanced practice of physical exercise, breathing control and meditation that can reduce psychosocial distress as well as improve cardiovascular and cognitive function. Yoga may prove to be a practical adjunct to a healthy lifestyle, according to research.


There is a need for simple, easy treatment to alleviate the burden on health care systems caused by a variety of common ailments and conditions. Yoga is among the top ten complementary and alternative medicine therapies, and the evidence supports its effectiveness.


Anxiety, sleeping disorders, ADHD, depression, pain and stress symptoms can be helped by learning yoga techniques. Several recent studies have documented the amazing benefits of regular yoga practice on health, which occurs over a relatively short time period.

One study aimed to determine the anxiety levels in apparently healthy, full time housewives and to study the effects of yoga on anxiety levels among them. Results indicate that there was a reduction in the severity of anxiety, indicating a decrease in anxiety following yoga practice.

A pilot study on PTSD symptoms in women reported increased benefits when using yoga along with traditional psychotherapy. During the intervention, yoga participants showed decreases in re-experiencing and hyper-arousal symptoms.

Previous depression research validated the potential benefits of using yoga, but the findings were cautiously interpreted. Researchers have more recently compiled 16 studies that examined the effects of yoga on mental illness with positive evidence.

Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy, a professor of psychiatry and medicine at Duke University Medical Center claims,

“If the promise of yoga on mental health was found in a drug, it would be the best selling medication world-wide.

It is possible to conclude that regular yogic practices, including adapting and implementing the principals of yoga in day to day life, may be a very simple way to become healthier. Why not give it a try?


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