May 25, 2014

Staying Sober During Memorial Day Celebrations

Memorial Day, like so many holidays, can be a difficult time for those in recovery, especially those who are newly sober. Here are some tips to keep your recovery front and center, avoiding relapse during your Memorial Day celebration.

  1. Stay away from parties that focus on drinking – You know your friends and family better than anyone else. Sure, there’s bound to be some drinking at most parties, but it should not be the focus of the party. If attending a party is an excuse for you to see your old pals from your using days, evaluate your motives. Go to celebrations where you will be supported in your recovery.
  2. Remember what the holiday is about – Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of the valiant men and women who have served our nation and died for it. Do you have a special veteran in your memory? If so, dedicate your sobriety that day to him/her – and stay clean.
  3. Be of service – Memorial Day is about the service of others to our nation. What can you do to be of service to those in need on Monday?
  4. Make your celebration about family – If you have family around, make the holiday a celebration of what you can do together. Share your gratitude for the support they have given you in your recovery. Especially when there are children present, it’s easier to focus on alcohol-free activities.
  5. Be the party planner – If you’re worried about going to someone else’s place for the holiday, you plan the party. That way, you can control the environment to a greater degree than you can elsewhere. Don’t have a lot of money? No problem! Ask your guests to bring a dish to share. Potluck can be a lot of fun.

Remember, every day is a gift. Enjoy a recovery-filled holiday and thank our veterans for their service.

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