April 2, 2008

Bipolar disorder and addiction

Fresh Fruits and primer service awaits you at Cliffside MalibuTo be bipolar is to live one’s life between two injurious extremes. Bipolar disorder, also called bipolar depression or manic depression, is characterized by drastic mood swings, between dizzying highs on the one hand and withering lows on the other. Bipolar patients never no peace, or stability. On the contrary, they’re subject to overwhelming forces which are largely beyond their conscious control…which of course explains why so many manic depressives turn to drugs and alcohol for support.

The incidence of drug and alcohol addiction among bipolar victims leaves no question as to the correlation between the two diseases. Bipolar patients are, simply stated, predisposed to addiction, and addicts are very often subject to underlying psychological illnesses. As should perhaps go without saying, the two conditions must be treated in tandem where they exist in tandem. And that’s why dual diagnosis is so important to the addiction recovery process.

Dual diagnosis is that process by which addicts are screened for psychiatric diseases before beginning drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you’re an addict suffering from bipolar disorder, you can’t get better without that kind of thorough care. What that means, in a practical sense, is that you have to find an addiction treatment facility that can give you call the support you need. Given the stakes in the fight against substance abuse, you’d be a fool to settle for anything less.

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