August 7, 2007

California Drug Rehab Centers

A successful California drug rehab center is a California drug rehab center that empowers it patients. Drug rehabilitation healing can’t be a topdown phenomenon, after all; drug rehab isn’t the sort of thing anyone else can ever do for you. Drug rehab facility patients who stay sober for good are ultimately drug rehab facility patients who played an active role in their own healing. Sobriety, in the end, has got to come from within.

California drug rehab programs that limit individual freedom and responsibility do patients a disservice on two grounds. First, heavy-handed drug rehabilitation programs make the drug rehab center process unnecessarily unpleasant, and dull the enthusiasm of drug rehab center patients. Second, and no less importantly, authoritarian drug rehab regimes deprive addicts of the opportunity to get healed on their own terms. Again, sobriety can only come from within. If you’re going to get clean, it’s got to be in a way that is real and vital and meaningful for you.

Exclusive drug rehab center programs only work to the extent that they help patients help themselves. That’s the only thing that matters, really: that individual engagement. If you or someone you care about is a victim of substance abuse, no aim could ever be more important.

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