July 30, 2007

Rehabs in Malibu

Los Angeles is the center of the entertainment industry. As such there are
more rehabs in Malibu than any other community in the United States. It’s an
undeniable link. With the drug abuse that occurs in the movie industry, the
music industry and the publishing industry, it becomes necessary to have a
community nearby to serve that clientele. Therefore the rehabs in Malibu
become an insdispensible sevice in keeping the afore mentioned industries
running smoothly.

Rehabs in Malibu have become a sort of semi-temporary vacation for the thousands
that work in the creative industries in Hollywood and Los Angeles. Malibu is close, a
short 20 minute drive from Los Angeles proper. Geographically, it’s hours
away. It’s covered by low lying scrub brush and it’s sparse population gives
it an almost rural feel. Sweeping hills run through the lansdscape and you
can stand at any point in the city and be assured that you will smell the
salty sting of the ocean. While standing smack in the center of a sedate
Malibu, it becomes difficult to believe that the urban madness of Los
Angeles lies just a short way down PCH and up Interstate 10.

This separation from Los Angeles is key. There are so many rehabs in Malibu
precisely because it feels so far from its sister city. When an industry
worker makes the decision to work on his addiction, Malibu is the logical
destination. The trip is made in a short period of time. Friends and
relatives are close at hand for visits. Important and necessary work can
be completed without a lot of hassle.

And that’s the primary purpose that rehabs in Malibu serve. Above all else,
work in the entertainment industry must be completed. And a simple and
unavoidable byproduct of the industries is drug and alcohol addiction at a
disproportionate level. Therefore, a geographically close location helps
insure that decisions and work at the highest levels of music, publishing
and television continue to be made on time. A client can enroll at one of
the many drug rehabs in Malibu and be back to work with a minimum of hassle. Most
importantly, while attending to his addiction, the client is close enough to
his work as to be able to address important issues and make critical

The sheer number of rehabs in Malibu is a testament to it’s role
for the entertainment industries. A cottage industry has
sprouted up in Malibu. And while the clients don’t come strictly from
entertainment, it has become the destination of choice for the addicts
that fill out the ranks of producers and
publishers. With an attitude that stresses multi tasking and assuming the
jobs of three different people, the emphasis is on efficiency at all levels
of operation. Malibu was once strictly the zip code for the executives in
the industries. More lately, in addition to the zip code, it has become the
mini vacation destination for the people withering under high stress
highly demanding job. And as such, Malibu is invaluble in a number of ways.

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