July 30, 2007

Rehab Center

The Cliffside Malibu experience offers comprehensive clinical
procedures as well as the best holistic
lifestyle adjustment in our world class rehab center. There are many
detox and group therapy entities that focus on one or another aspect of
dealing with substance abuse and addiction. Physical cessation processes
and 12 Step programs are indispensable tools in the path to recovery.
However, we are adamant about putting into practice the notion of a zero
relapse rate through catering to our client’s mental contentment. A vast
array of special amenities are at the disposal of all of our enrollees.

Within an upscale setting designed to ensure relaxation, privacy and
support, our facility is considered to be among the world’s most
comfortable and effective. In addition to detoxification, post
evaluation and therapy, recreational activities are included in our
rehab center. Cliffside Malibu also services the particular daily needs
of our residents. Clients can expect spa treatments, gourmet meals, and
other day to day provisions not found at any other rehab center. A
beautiful Pacific Ocean view tops off the luxurious expanse of your way
station to an addiction free lifestyle.

We realize that the struggle to break free from substance abuse must be
dealt with seriously. Whether it is primary treatment, extended care, or
both, the Cliffside journey is there for you. If you are truly in need
of assistance, call us at 800-501-1988. Family members of substance
addicts are more than welcome to contact our rehab center as well. With
our unique, discreet and caring environment, and your evidenced
motivation and cooperation, success is only a phone call away.

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