July 26, 2007

Family Program

At Cliffside Malibu, we place special emphasis on family therapy. Over the course of three days, our family program educates, explores and breaks down existing issues.

Family Education Groups
Upon completion of the family component of the clinical program, residents and their family members have a solid education in the addiction process, the disease concept, the brain model, emotional byproducts, codependency and family systems. For instance, family members learn about symptoms of codependency including caretaking, low self worth, obsession and control. They are given the opportunity to identify their own denial, poor communication and weak boundaries and how addiction has resulted in lack of trust and anger. Speakers are frequently invited to present material on the treatment of families. Family education is presented prior to family process as the educational content and material often facilitates family process group by stirring emotional issues and reactions.

Family Process Groups
Building upon family education group, Cliffside Malibu’s family process groups provide a forum within which residents and their family members can process experiences and feelings in a safe and trusting environment. In most cases, family education stirs unexpressed feelings and experiences. Family process is the place where these feelings can be expressed in a healthy manner and the healing process begins. Family process is conducted in three separate groups (all members, patients only and family only). Family Process normally occurs during the afternoon of the second day of Cliffside Malibu’s three day family program, as trust between family members, residents and staff has been established.

Individual Family Therapy
Individual family sessions are offered during the last day of Cliffside Malibu’s three day family program. These sessions provide a safe place where material from resident’s Cliffside experience and family program can be processed and future goals established. Primary counselors and Cliffside Malibu’s family therapist may also make referrals to family members regarding aftercare and follow-up. If necessary, families are offered follow-up sessions to be conducted during the remainder of each resident’s stay.

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