July 26, 2007

Eating Disorder Treatment Synopsis

As part of Cliffside Malibu’s intensive treatment program, there is a high priority placed on individual therapy with sessions being offered up to five times per week. The therapists at Cliffside Malibu have extensive experience in the areas of dual diagnosis, recognizing that there are core issues underlying addiction and there are often concurrent disorders that need to be treated.

Among Cliffside Malibu’s therapists are eating disorder specialists, trauma recovery specialists, and dual diagnosis and addiction experts.

For individuals suffering from eating disorders, individualized treatment is offered, and the therapist works with the client on a daily basis to address the following:

Core issues underlying the eating disorder

Past trauma

Therapeutic approaches to address common dynamics of perfectionism, fear and control

Relationships with family and significant others

Redefining the relationship with food

Addressing body image issues, correcting cognitive distortions, maladaptive thoughts and negative belief systems

Redefining the relationship with the body

Learning coping strategies and grounding methods to deal with triggers and impulses through ground-breaking dialectical behavior therapy techniques, cognitive-behavioral interventions and process work, all based on a foundation of unconditional positive regard and strength-based support and motivation between therapist and client

Developing meal plans

Check-ins and monitoring before, after and during meals

Narrative work and food journaling exercises

Nutritional counseling

Acupuncture, yoga and fitness experts work with clients to build the mind-body connection and to facilitate and promote a healthy relationship with mind, body and food

Family sessions, couple sessions, group sessions

There is a unique opportunity in the serene and healing setting of Cliffside Malibu for the therapist to see the client at their most difficult times, for example during a meal, and the therapist serves as a source of comfort and a guiding presence for many situations.

Maximum structure and protection are provided to clients upon admission and with our extended care program there is the opportunity for clients to gain greater responsibility and freedom with options to go on passes with significant others and alone to practice their new skills in their lives and the community.

Dual Diagnosis and Eating Disorder Treatment
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